Thieves: Prologue

Fiction By Elizabeth Anne // 9/24/2011

 Princess Kaisten stood very still as she was fitted for her new dress. The seamstress put a needle into the dress to mark the changes she would need to make, accidently pricking Kaisten’s arm in the process.

            “Ouch!” She exclaimed.

            “Sorry, your highness; it was not intended.” The seamstress said as she continued her work.

            Ah, just an accident. Or was it? You could never know for sure when you were the princess. Everyone was out to hurt her. Everyone hated her, especially in these troubled times when food was so scarce for the people. Why would her father not give the people food? He had plenty of it stored in the castle.

            Kaisten sighed deeply and turned slowly towards the window as the seamstress did her job. The sky was a beautiful pink and filled with clouds which were filled with all sorts of birds which chirped joyfully in the heat of the afternoon. It was a beautiful day.

            The seamstress pricked her again, and then roughly turned her around.

            “How dare you treat me…” the words froze on her lips. A gag was stuffed in her mouth as she screamed for help. Her cries were immediately muffled, not that anyone would have heard her anyways in this deserted part of the castle.

            She kicked and screamed as her captors bound her hands and feet. She managed to pull off on of the attackers’ mask, but he immediately pulled it back on again and dealt her a harsh blow to the head. Kaisten fell dazed to the floor as something wet started to roll down the side of her face. She blinked once, twice, three times in an attempt to clear her senses. The room was going dark.

            Kaisten suddenly was hoisted up onto the back of one of the captors, and was swung around as he turned towards the window. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the seamstress, standing in the corner, smiling. She was smiling; not running for help and for guards. She was perfectly free to do so, but she was just standing by smiling.

            The last thing Kaisten saw before she lost consciousness was the windowsill, then nothing but the open sky.