Forth Three Hunters!

A Poem By Elizabeth // 6/4/2008

Toiling under heavy hearts
Tol Brandir begins to depart
Boromir has passed down Anduin roaring
With songs of lament that goes on pouring
Forth Three Hunters! Your comrades are calling!

The Ringbearer has left for the Nameless land
With the only one companion devoted Sam
Gandalf has fallen under immense shadow
His journey they were not to follow
Forth Three Hunters! Day is waning!

Through rocky slopes of Emyn Muil
Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli hold true
Passing on like shadows in fright
The Sun rises over ridges of night
Forth Three Hunters! Speed is urging!

Rohan opens its fields before them
A silence has fallen on the land of men
The joy of trampling has gone in leagues
They hold their course with the Heir in the lead
Forth Three Hunters! The tide is upon you!

A green leaf brooch is cast aside
The Ranger stays the pace and abides
Pippin has cast the brooch in its place
Quickly now they run in haste
Forth Three Hunters! One still lives!

In night’s fall they stay the speed
Though the hunted have the lead
Elf pierced the land with sharp gazing sight
The Uruks have not stayed their flight
Forth Three Hunters! Do not forsake!

Brilliant another day has risen
Horsemen are now on the horizon
Their leader tall, their hair flowing
Horses are proud with heads of great bearing
Forth Three Hunters! Conceal with secrecy!

Smooth are their gallops, stern are their faces
Quickly they pass, not staying their paces
From his place the Heir stood calling forth
“Riders of Rohan! What news from the North?”
Forth Three Hunters! Rohan is waning!

Around they turn without word or sign
Circling up hill and down they ride
Trapping the hunters in a ring of spears
Their leader rode forth without fear
Forth Three Hunters! Stay firm in your ground!

Eomer Third Marshal of the Mark
Ponders their quest then lets them disembark
His news of slaughter, his hope is dead
Yet horses he gives them to ease their tread
Forth Three Hunters! His news is grieving!

The Uruks are destroyed, burning they are still
None are left alive in that plain of death’s will
The Halflings have fled under the forest of dread
Warned of the trees, they stay on leaves’ dry bed
Forth Three Hunters! The Halflings have fled!

A man hooded and cloaked comes in the night
The horses are fled in supposable fright
Hopeless, their quest seems now forlorn
Holding true they plunge into Fangorn
Forth Three Hunters! A friend awaits you!

Dark and deep the boughs are hanging low
Ages are weighed on the branches old
Festering anger grows silently strong
Awaiting the call to demolish wrong
Forth Three Hunters! Eyes are watching you!

An old man approaches, leaning on staff
Grey and old he comes concealed with hat
A glint of white is unveiled from his cloak
Quickly he speeds up to the surprised folk
Forth Three Hunters! Find the truth!

Arrow loosed! Anduril raised! Axe thrown!
The weapons are useless, the unveiled now known
“Mithrandir! Mithrandir!” Legolas cries
The wizard has come back in his own time
Forth Four Hunters! The tide is turning!

The Hobbits are now in keeping safe
Of Treebeard the wise Ent of age
Now to Edoras and free the king from crooked word
Only then will the land of horse-lords be cured
Forth Four Hunters! The land of men is to fall!

A clear whistle from the depths of beauty sprung
From the old lips of the wise and aged one
The Mearas responds and comes in might
Shadowfax matched for Gandalf the White
Forth Four Hunters! The Wizard has returned!

Covering the ground on awesome pace
The land begins to depart in its failing grace
Edoras, city of kings, rises golden in the sunrise
White horse upon green the banner flies
Forth Four Hunters! The king is wavering!

Demanding their will in Rohirrim speaking
The guards look upon them in wondered glancing
Up into the city the hunters are led
Walking up to Meduseld by many steps
Forth Four Hunters! Grieving, a lady waits!

Walking up the steps, they are met by guards
Hama of the latter bids them disarm
Weapons are given reluctantly then pass
While the White Wizard keeps his staff
Forth Four Hunters! The deceit is flowing!

The great hall is dark with hangings draping
Save only the fire, the hall has no other lighting
The king sits aged and old with lady in white
A twisted man sits at the end of the stair in fright
Forth Four Hunters! Evil is stirring!

“Hail Theoden son of Thengel!” says Gandalf White
The king rose and spoke with little delight
Lathspell, the crooked one names the Wizard of ill-news
Overthrown the worm crashes down, while goodness grew
Fourth Four Hunters! The darkness is overthrown!

Theoden led out into the sun, the lady bid leave
She turns and gazes on her king in pitying grief
Then glances on the heir of Gondor, stern and tall
While he sees a women fair: Eowyn of the hall
Fourth Four Hunters! The nephew is imprisoned!

Thedoen’s sword needed and soon brought
By the captive of the worm’s evil thought
Quietly he comes upon the stair, Third Marshal Eomer
Bearing a sword, he kneels, offering hilt rare
Forth Four Hunters! Helm’s Deep awaits!

Taking the sword from his sister-son, he swings it in air
Chanting the call to arms, his strength grows fair
“Westu Theoden Hal!” Eomer hails him in gladness
He claims that Mithrandir comes not only with sadness
Forth Four Hunters! Time is waning!

The king’s son dead, Theodred of Rohan
Eomer now named the heir, whom the king is fond
The king now will ride forth with his men
The men are en-heartened and hail Theoden
Forth Four Hunters! Stay by the king!

Armored in battle gear, the hunters in great array
To Helm’s Deep the King now has his way
The people are left to Eowyn, Theoden’s sister-daughter
She then leads them to safe-keeping, away from slaughter
Forth Four Hunters! Saruman’s army is dispatching!

Gimli rides behind Eomer on Firefoot
Legolas rides beside him on Arod’s white coat
Aragorn on the right on Haseful grey
Gandalf the White calls Shadowfax gay!
Forth Four Hunters! The orcs are approaching!

Riding swiftly under night’s wing
A rider appears from the Isen stream
With report of war and scatter, he bids them haste
Gandalf then departs with speed and bids them race
Forth Three Hunters! Keep by the king’s side!

Galloping away to Helm’s Deep’s steadfast walls
The orcs burn behind their horse’s footfalls.
Trotting up the rampart the army rides in
The Dike is filled with orcs numerous and grim
Forth Three Hunters! Time is waxing!

The attack has begun, ladders are raised
Grappling hooks are hurled, men are dazed
Rallying the men, both heirs fight on
The gate being rammed, the arrows flung
Forth Three Hunters! Fight with will!

The gate is failing, rams beat with furious endeavor
“This is the hour that we draw swords together”
Says Aragorn, walking round the Hornburg
Both heirs unsheathe as one their swords
Forth Three Hunters! Fight with Endurance!

“Guthwine! Guthwine for the mark!” says Eomer
“Anduril! Anduril for the Dunedain!” says Aragorn
Slaughtering the orcs and casting them into stream
But for the ones who lay silently, unheeded, unseen
Forth Three Hunters! Fight with strength!

Leaping to their feet, the orcs silently walk
Behind the group with cunning thought
Jumping at the feet of Eomer, he falls over
Yet a voice yells out that no one discovered
Forth Three Hunters! Fight with skill!

“Baruk Khazad! Khazad ai-menu!” cries Gimli
Out from corner dark, he kills two orcs swiftly
The orcs fled and the group runs back to safety
Thanking the dwarf, they make back to the wall
Forth Three Hunters! A danger approaches!

“Two!” says the dwarf patting his weapon handy
Legolas has done far better near twenty
They fight on when Gimli sounds an alarm of evil work
The orcs have crept in the deepening-stream culvert
Forth Three Hunters! Slay the evil-doers!

Down the wall, Gimli and Westfold men run
Charging through the orcs, they are easily won
Repairing the hole with Gimli’s aid
With stones lying round a blockage is made
Forth Three Hunters! Fight without weakening!

Back on the wall Gimli goes forth
Where Legolas awaits the stout dwarf.
Listening to cries like birds of Dunland
Curses are heard in that strange tongue
Forth Three Hunters! A peril is near!

The Deepening-wall is blown!
The men on the wall are thrown!
“Devilry of Ornthanc!”
Evil of Saruman’s make!
Forth Three Hunters! Fight those below!

The orcs pour in the wall they have breeched
“Elendil! Elendil!” cries Aragorn, fury in speech
The Three Hunters fly down the stairs in haste
Men are pushed to the Hornburg and caves safe
Forth Three Hunters! Retreat to the Burg!

Legolas calls Aragorn to return thither
Back the stair he flies and stumbles in wither
Orcs run up toward him with screeching cries
Quickly the Elf lets his last arrow fly
Forth Three Hunters! The king is waiting!

Perilous has the danger now grown in the Deep
Making back safely, the elf and man retreat
Seeking Eomer and Gimli, whom nothing has been heard
To the caves they have been driven not to the Burg
Forth Three Hunters! Dawn is near!

High in the Hornburg stands the King of the Mark
Restless and uneasy, as all hope now dark
“Will you ride with me then, son of Arathorn?”
“I will ride with you,” answers Aragorn
Forth Three Hunters! En-hearten the down cast!

Going forth from the Burg and onto the wall
Aragorn and Legolas fight where need calls
Standing at last over the battlement
The heir of Gondor, heedless of arrows sent
Forth Three Hunters! Stand your ground!

Warning the enemy of the dawn approaching
Hope that was lost grows in the sun’s rising
“We are the fighting Uruk-hai” the orcs answer
Shooting over the battlement the heir leaps under
Forth Three Hunters! Dawn is at hand!

Helm’s Horn sounding, it throbs in the air
The wild men look up to see what prevailing fares
The sun leaps into the air scattering dark’s cloud
“Forth Eorlingas!” the charge rides on horse proud
Forth Three Hunters! Ride now!

Clearing a path down the causeway
Stricken from fury, the orcs are flung away
Into the Dike the King has now ridden
The orcs before them are swiftly trodden
Forth Three Hunters! The sun rises!

The White Rider! White Rider!
Up on the ridge filled with white fire
Erkenbrand at his side blows his black horn
While all the men rejoice with hope new formed
Forth Three Hunters! Mithrandir is here!

Riding down the Dike, the orcs ahead flee
Running on toward the waiting trees
Into the forest the orcs defeated fled
Never were they seen again by men
Forth Three Hunters! The battle is won!

Up from the caves, the men that were driven come
Eomer, Gimli, and Gamling walk to the battle won
Gimli’s head wrapped from a blow on the helm
Walks up to Legolas of the Woodland Realm
Forth Three Hunters! What news?

Gimli has won by Forty-two
Legolas behind by one orc few
Gimli tells of great wondrous caves
Legolas will go to see them in later days
Forth Three Hunters! Follow the Wizard!

Gandalf has been busy with many things at night
Now to Isengard he will go with any that might
Theoden will go with Eomer and few men
The Three Hunters will also with them tread
Forth Four Hunters! To Isengard!



This is really good, Elizabeth!! I love how you combine the book and the movie together. Great job!!! By the way, I love your costume in your new picture! :)

Clare Marie | Sun, 06/08/2008

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." -Bilbo Baggins [The Lord of the Rings]


Oh my goodness!!!! That was amazing!!! Great job, Elizabeth!

I was wondring, are you going to finish the trilogy in this poem, or stop there?

Anna | Thu, 06/05/2008

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

wow! you got the entire

wow! you got the entire first book in this poem! Amazing!

Sarah | Fri, 06/06/2008

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

The entire second book

The entire second book actually.

Good job Elizabeth, this was really enjoyable =]

Tamerah | Fri, 06/06/2008


i love your picture, Elizabeth

I can't tell whether that's a cloak or a hoodie but I sure like it

Anna | Mon, 06/09/2008

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

Good job!

Totally sweet! I loved it, and yes like Anna I like your profile pic! Is that a cloak?

Heather | Wed, 06/11/2008

And now our hearts will beat in time/You say I am yours and you are mine...
Michelle Tumes, "There Goes My Love"

Hey, I read your profile,

Hey, I read your profile, and you said one of your favorite authors is your mother. Has she actually gotten a book published? Just wondering.

Anna | Mon, 06/23/2008

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


This poem left me breathless! It was VERY well written, and I can tell that you like the Lord of the Rings a lot, as do I. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous | Fri, 02/06/2009


GwaXKD another one!

Anonymous | Wed, 05/06/2009