Forth Three Hunters! II

A Poem By Elizabeth // 12/28/2008

Riding down the Dike into the trees
Dark and tangled hang the leaves
Gimli looks in uneasy thoughts
Legolas looks in wonder and awe
Forth Three Hunters! Time is brief!

Out from under the trees’ dark boughs
The riders hear the cry of Legolas
In the forest standing still, eyes he sees
Walking forward out from under the eaves
Forth Three Hunters! Linger not!

Who they are the men do not knowest
Ents they are shepherds of the forest
Cupping their hands to their mouths
They blow making a horn noise loud
Forth Three Hunters! Do not tarry!

Other Ents stride up in answer to the call
From the north they come fast and tall
Speaking to each other in a language slow
Then they turn and swiftly go
Forth Three Hunters! Haste now!

Riding on through the Fords of Isen
The water but a trickle in the basin
The reason not knowing
To the men of the Rohirrim
Forth Three Hunters! What cause?

With wonder the men stare
Then continue their journey with care
Coming at night to a place dark and drear
Wolves slink in the darkness with fear
Forth Three Hunters! Isengard is near!

A green mound had been raised there
With spears planted round the hill bare
Orders to the men Gandalf gave
That this mound must be raised
Forth Three Hunters! Onward!

Night has fallen, the sun set
The moon has descended behind the cliffs
A blue fume rises
Poisoning the sky
Forth Three Hunters! What is amiss?

Grey the dawn rises darkening the faces
The company moves north in swift paces
Isengard near
The road drear
Forth Three Hunters! Ride on!

Ahead is the gateway
Now crumbled it lays
Beyond is a ruin
Of walls broken and strewn
Forth Three Hunters! What tidings?

Passed the ruined gate they ride
Two folk on a hill they espy
One sitting, another sleeping by
The one sees them and stands in delight
Forth Three Hunters! Time is short!

He welcomes them and wakes his friend
The other stands delighted to see them
Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn in disbelief
Here are the ones hunted and now feast
Forth Three Hunters! Treebeard awaits!

Gandalf and company go forth
Three Hunters remain to discourse
Hobbits have found much store
They lead the Hunters to the hoard
Forth Three Hunters! Hear the tale!

The provisions brought
Gimli sits in thought
He ponders their height
It seems to him not right
Forth Three Hunters! What is the tale?

He is not mistaken
Their height indeed has greatened
This the Ent draught has caused
Legolas wonders in great awe
Forth Three Hunters! What are the Ents?

Strange things have been said
Of the waters in the forest
Aragorn inquires of the Ents
Pippin fumbles and cannot content
Forth Three Hunters! The tale must be told!

Pipe-weed is found by the two hobbits
Merry and Pippin happily provide it
Outside they lay upon the rubble
Without any thought of past trouble
Forth Three Hunters! Time is short!

Pippin told forth the tale
He woke in the evening’s fall
The orcs were close about him
Merry was near, the light was dim
Forth Three Hunters! What of the fights?

The days of carrying were long
They were bound and the run was prolonged
Quarrels from the orcs broke out
Many such occurred on the route
Forth Three Hunters! What of the brooch?

The hobbits were forced to run
Pippin slipped off during confusion
Letting his brooch fall to the ground
He was taken, again they ran on
Forth Three Hunters! What of the riders?

Turning their gaze the orcs learned
Of horsemen riding proud and stern
Grasping the hobbits once more
The orcs through the plains tore
Forth Three Hunters! What of the night?

On a hill the orcs are caught
Surrounded by riders un-fought
Pippin told Merry that his bonds were cut
Loosed by a knife with one swift thought
Forth Three Hunters! What of the fight?

During the night the orcs stayed
Encircled by riders, solemn and wary
Creeping the orc of Mordor came
And he felt them for a certain thing
Forth Three Hunters! What of the escape?

“Gollum,” Pippin said, knowing the thing
“Untie our legs,” said Merry understanding
The ring he was looking for
Angry he was and them he bore
Forth Three Hunters! What of the tracks?

Forward he sprang with both of them
Passed the watchers he sped
Up to a fire he then stopped
Bending over he then was caught
Forth Three Hunters! What of the cords?

A rider rode up, the orc bent lower
Drawing his sword, the sound and glimmer
Showed his place, and an arrow was shot
Into the orc’s hand he let his sword drop
Forth Three Hunters! What of the journey?

The orc ran dropping the halflings
A spear was his end and the horse’s trampling
Forward the riders rode
Over the hobbits they flowed
Forth Three Hunters! What of the footprints?

The hobbits then lay
The battle started its fray
They untied their hands
To the forest they ran
Forth Three Hunters! What of Treebeard?

In Fangorn they met the old Ent
To the Entmoot the hobbits went
With Quickbeam they stayed
While the decision was being made
Forth Three Hunters! What of their choice?

The Ents came gallantly marching
To Isengard was their final choosing
To destroy its walls
Looking for its fall
Forth Three Hunters! What of Isengard?

Arriving the Ents quietly wait
As an army pours out, numbers great
The Ents advanced into the drought
Laying to ruin everything about
Forth Three Hunters! What of the Ornthanc?

The Ents in their fury that breaks
Against the unbreakable Ornthanc
Trying to destroy those mighty walls
But bringing bruising upon themselves
Forth Three Hunters! What of the flooding?

The walls of Isengard down thrown
The Ents guarded and left the hobbits alone
Long it was until they saw Treebeard
Coming by the gate un-reared
Forth Three Hunters! What of Gandalf?

Stay far from the gate and do not wait
Flooding would be flowing to clean the place
Soon a rider came silver in the dim light
Treebeard and the hobbits removed from sight
Forth Three Hunters! Who was the rider?

Gandalf the White was he
Urging to get Treebeard quickly
Swiftly to the ent he spoke
Returning very pleased was his look
Forth Three Hunters! Time is fading!

Waters were poured in
Cleansing the fifthly ruin
Continually the flood was poured
Then it was that they found the store
Forth Three Hunters! Find the wizard!

The questions are now answered
The Hunters quite contented
Now to Gandalf and the ent
Over by the tower of Ornthanc
Forth Three Hunters! Time is short!

Up the stair of Ornthanc’s walls
The Four Hunters, Eomer, and Theoden walk
Gandalf on the door does pound
Shouts for Saruman to come down
Forth Three Hunters! Will he answer?

A voice answers from the window’s sill
Theoden knows the voice too well
“Go and fetch Saruman,.” Theoden says
Quickly Grima speeds away
Forth Three Hunters! The wizard approaches!

A voice from the stair
Speaks smooth and fair
“Why must you disturb my rest?”
Upon the riders an enchantment cast
Forth Three Hunters! Do not be deceived!

Hardly heard, he came there
In white shimmering colors wears
Matching his raiment his hair and beard flows
Around his lips blackness shows
Forth Three Hunters! Will he listen?

To Theoden King he speaks
Pleasantly fluent flows his speech
Friends they were will he not then
Become his ally again?
Forth Three Hunters! Listen not!

Will they have peace?
Theoden and he?
Will they not counsel together?
Their friendship be repaired?
Forth Three Hunters! Do not listen to his lies!

“Remember Theodred at the fords,”
Fiercely defending with words
Eomer speaks with endeavor
“Dealer in treachery and murderer,”
Forth Three Hunters! Defy Saruman!

Rising anger grips the wizard’s face
Sharply speaking to Eomer in haste
Regaining again his slyness
Tells Eomer not to meddle with such highness
Forth Three Hunters! Listen only to truth!

“We will have peace,” Theoden then says
“When you and your works have perished.”
Defying firmly, steadfast, the lies harsh
“But I fear your voice has lost its charm.”
Forth Three Hunters! Trust not the wizard’s lies!

Speaking now to Gandalf the White
Saruman asks if come up he might
To consult about high matters
The others stay and wait for orders
Forth Three Hunters! Do not trust his words!

Gandalf then freely laughed
Saruman should have been a jester
Quickly rejecting his offer
He would not his tower enter
Forth Three Hunters! Will he not listen?

Asking if Saruman will come down
Leave Isengard free from any bond
Saruman will not
He does not trust Gandalf
Forth Three Hunters! Stand firm!

Of the conditions Sarumans asks
The key of Ornthanc and his staff
Be given back if they he earns
Saruman rejects and to leave he turns
Forth Three Hunters! Stand with Gandalf!

Asunder the staff of Saruman breaks
Power in Gandalf suddenly released
Collapsing back Saruman flees
A globe cast from window steep
Forth Three Hunters! Onward!

Into a pool the ball rolls
Cast by Grima, poorly thrown
Pippin gathers up the globe
Bears it up the stairs slow
Forth Three Hunters! What of the globe?

Quickly he takes it from the Took
Hides it from view in his cloak
Onward they ride to the gate
Of Treebeard to take their leave
Forth Three Hunters! To Helm’s Deep!

Sadly the hobbits bid farewell
To Treebeard of Wellinghall
Swiftly had their friendship begun
Hasty, maybe the Ent has become
Forth Three Hunters! Time is running short!

Over Saruman the Ents will watch
From Ornthanc he will not walk
Still has he the keys of the tower
The watch over him will not tire
Forth Three Hunters! Ride on!

Over great distance the company rides
Swiftly the night draws nigh
Sheltering where spring wakens
Inside the dale rest will be taken
Forth Three Hunters! A shadow approaches!

Pippin awake in continuing thought
A strong urge for the globe he fought
Standing up he cautiously tread
Over to the wizard who lay in rest
Forth Three Hunters! The storm is coming!

Grasping the globe from him
He gazed steadily therein
Horror seized him there
A yell leaped into the air
Forth Three Hunters! From whom came the scream?

The guards leap down from the edge of the dale
Gandalf, startled, awakened by the yell
Runs to where Pippin unconscious lay
with open eyes, unseeing, look up astray
Forth Three Hunters! What now?

Placing his hands on the hobbits head
Pippin awakens frightened
In the globe he saw the enemy Sauron
Of the ring Pippin said nothing of
Forth Three Hunters! The time is falling away!

Gandalf carries Pippin to Merry
The globe discovered one of the Palantiri
A stone of seeing once belonging to Elendil
Rightfully it is given to the heir of Gondor
Forth Three Hunters! A shadow approaches!

Over the moon a dark shadow flees
Above them a voice of death screeches
Men fling themselves forward with fear
The tide approaches; the darkness near
Forth Three Hunters! Wait not for the morn!

Springing away Gandalf calls Shadowfax
To Minas Tirith built strong and fast
With him Pippin shall ride
In the White city they’ll await the tide
Forth Three Hunters! To Helm’s Deep!

Aragorn takes Merry
Legolas with Gimli
Theoden and his men flee
Now to the Deep’s safety
Forth Three Hunters! The way is long!

A rider from the rear guard rides up
Other riders following swift in their gallop
The king calls a halt and Aragorn dismounts
Eomer rides to the rear and Merry set down
Forth Three Hunters! Who are the riders?

Aragorn stands at the stirrup of the king
On the ground proves much to Merry’s disliking
Fifty paces off the riders are now
Eomer calls “Halt! Halt! Who rides in Rohan?”
Forth Three Hunters! What of the riders?

Dismounting a tall man paces forward
Hand held up, palm outward
Still the Rohirrim grip their weapons harder
“We seek one, Aragorn son of Arathorn,”
Forth Three Hunters! Glad tidings!

Halbarad the man names himself
One of the Dunedain of the north
Joyously Aragorn comes to him
Fear dismisses; known now as his kinsman
Forth Three Hunters! To the Deep!

With the Dunedain Aragorn now rides
With them the sons of Elrond abide
Elladan and Elrohir bring words from their father
“Remember the paths of the Dead,” says Elrohir
Forth Three Hunters! The storm is drawing near!

No spear does Halbarad carry but a staff
Bound with cloth and thongs tied fast
A gift for Aragorn
Made by the Lady Arwen
Forth Three Hunters! Ride on!

The sun soon will appear in the sky
Before them the Deep does lies
There they will stay for a short time
Then to Dunharrow the king will ride
Forth Three Hunters! The time is fading!

After rest was taken the three
Legolas, Gimli, and Merry
Walk to the Burg and are greeted
By the King Theoden and are seated
Forth Three Hunters! To the Deep!

Kneeling the hobbit offers his sword
To the king of Rohan he swears service
“As a father you shall be to me,”
“For a little while,” said Theoden
Forth Three Hunters! The day is waning!

Out into the sun they go forth
In the dike the Rohirrim are formed
Solemn do the Rangers wait
In grey they are arrayed
Forth Three Hunters! To Dunharrow!

The heirs, Halbarad, Elladan and Elrohir come
From the Burg and up to Theoden
Much does Aragorn laid on his mind
By open ways his company will ride
Forth Three Hunters! Swiftness is now needed!

Time is short and speed is needed
To the Paths of the Dead he must ride swiftly
The word turns the riders pale
Theoden trembles
Forth Three Hunters! The ride must now begin!

Legolas and Gimli with him will tread
With the king Merry will stay
Swiftly the Rohirrim ride away
Back to the Burg the others make their way
Forth Three Hunters! Haste!

Inside the Burg Aragorn now goes
Into the Palantir he has looked
Showing himself and the sword re-forged
Pushing Sauron to strike to hastily forth
Forth Three Hunters! Linger no longer!

To the Paths of the Dead they now will go
Summon the oathbreakers to re-gain their oath
To Isildur they gave their pledge of aid
Fleeing when the time came
Forth Three Hunters! To Dunharrow!

At Dunharrow the day next they arrive
By the Lady Eowyn they are greeted happily
To the Paths of the Dead Aragorn says he must leave
Eowyn looks upon him pale and grieved
Forth Three Hunters! To the stone of Erech!

She says that way death lies
“They do not suffer the living to pass,”
Will he not stay with the Rohirrim to ride
But he must leave before morning light
Forth Three Hunters! To the Paths of the Dead!

Later before his rest
Eowyn comes in haste
White she glimmers
Begging to leave there
Forth Three Hunters! Tarry no longer!

Aragorn says here she must stay
Turning, grieving, she walks away
In the morn all the company ready to set forth
Eowyn came clad as a rider with sword
Forth Three Hunters! Onward!

She then wept bitterly
Begging again leave to go with them
He says nay for he is without permission
Mounted and rode forth swiftly on
Forth Three Hunters! Away!

The company came to a tall stone
A fear was cast about them
The horses would not pass
Until the riders dismounted and led them past
Forth Three Hunters! To the doorway!

Came they to the door
The horses will not move forward
Yet must to ride beyond it
Aragorn leads in the dark unlit
Forth Three Hunters! Follow the heir!

Strong is Aragorn’s will they follow
Yet Arod into the path will not go
Legolas puts his hand over the horse’s eye
Singing softly then leads him inside
Forth Three Hunters! Stand firm!

Gimli left alone with himself wroth
“Here is a thing unheard of!”
“An Elf will go underground and a Dwarf dare not!”
Then in he bravely, fearfully walked
Forth Three Hunters! Continue on your way!

At the head Aragorn steadfastly lead
While Elladan followed at the end
Whispers of voices continuous about them
Aragorn soon spoke to the following gloom
Forth Three Hunters! To the Stone!

“Let us pass, and then come!”
Summoning them to the Stone
Coming to the end of the paths Gimli crawled
Fear clutched him but still he held on
Forth Three Hunters! Ride swiftly!

Out from the paths they now come
Evening still two hours away now
Not even a day had passed during the journey
To the stone of Erech they now ride into the evening
Forth Three Hunters! The stone’s way is still far!

“The Dead are following,” says Legolas
Looking back at Elladan riding last
The elf of Mirkwood sees their coming on
“They have been summoned,” says Elladan
Forth Three Hunters! Ride!

Arriving at the Stone of Erech
The Dead came forth, silent
“Oathbreakers, why have ye come?”
A voice answers “To fulfill our oath.”
Forth Three Hunters! To the ships!

Aragorn then bids the standard unfurled
Black it blows in the darkness on the hill
Resting there in the morning they ride
Forth to where the ships abide
Forth Three Hunters! Ride in haste!

To the river they now come forth
Cosairs on the vessels sail forward
Onto the ships the Dead advance
Overtaking the men of Sauron
Forth Three Hunters! To Gondor!

The Dead now come before Aragorn
Their oaths fulfilled now go forth
The King submits and breaks his spear
Away the army turns then disappears
Forth Three Hunters! To the Pelennor fields!

Going aboard an army of men
From South Gondor come
And they sail up the Anduin
To Gondor near to ruin
Forth Three Hunters! Sail!

Coming up the river to Gondor
Cosairs most think the fleet bore
Yet seeing the banner of Arwen
Know that the ships are of Aragorn
Forth Three Hunters! To battle!

Off the ships the Hunters spring on
The Dunedain and the Sons of Elrond now come
The star of the Dunedain on Aragorn’s brow
All flee before his face of fierce power
Forth Three Hunters! Fight!

In the midst of battle the two heirs meet
They smile while on their swords lean
Much sadness had befallen to war they ride
Looking upon their faces none would abide
Forth Three Hunters! The tide has turned!

At the end of the battle much loss has befallen
Theoden King of Rohan has fallen
Also Halbarad of the Dunedain
To the city now they ride
Forth Three Hunters! What of Gandalf?

Eowyn also had ridden
Found upon the field stricken
The Witch-king with Merry she felled
Sorely hurt against whom she dealt
Forth Three Hunters! What of the hobbits?

Aragorn will not enter the city to reveal his identity
Will stay outside its walls in the Dunedain’s company
Into the city the King and Prince of Dol Amroth enter
Then find Gandalf with a man cloaked over
Forth Three Hunters! The time is drawing short!

Aragorn brought by Gandalf to heal those
Eowyn, Merry, and Faramir in the Houses
Inside he enters and meets Pippin
Now a guard of the Citadel
Forth Three Hunters! The hours are wearing away!

First to Faramir Aragorn goes in haste
Taking his hands and calling his name
Receives kingsfoil leaves called for
Into a steaming water bowl
Forth Three Hunters! The darkness has departed!

“What does the king command?”
Aragorn tells him to awake and rest
Aragorn then leaves and to Eowyn he comes
Her sword arm maimed the other broken
Forth Three Hunters! Quickly you must work!

Taking the kingsfoil, he releases her
Darkness lifted, dismissing fear
Eomer with eyes full of tears
Calls her name, his voice she hears
Forth Three Hunters! The night is waning!

Over to Merry, Pippin rushes in
By Aragorn with his companion
Merry would heal swiftly
Aragorn goes forth to the city
Forth Three Hunters! A debate must be held!

Legolas and Gimli into the city come
Tell Imrahil that he and Eomer are wished down
In the tents of Aragorn for a Last Debate
Away the Prince then goes with speech courteous
Forth Three Hunters! Find the hobbits!

Led by a servant of the Prince to the Houses of Healing
They find the hobbits and speak with them merrily
Telling them of their way through the Paths of the Dead
Of how they were summoned and the sail up the Anduin
Forth Three Hunters! Speech must be taken!

In the tents below on the field
The Captains debated what might be achieved
Sam and Frodo in Mordor are caught
Between the mountain an army un-fought
Forth Three Hunters! Debate!

Away from his own lands
Must the eyes of the enemy be turned
To the Morannon must they ride
With all the men gathered nigh
Forth Three Hunters! To the Morannon!

The Captains of the West now set forth
Legolas, Gimli, Pippin and the Dunedain of the North
With an army of seven thousand
They ride forth to the Morannon
Forth Three Hunters! To the Gate!

The Captains ride forward
Legolas, Gimli, Pippin, and Elladan and Elrohir
Calling for the Dark lord to come forth
The Mouth of Sauron came in answer to the horns
Forth Three Hunters! Do not waver!

Frodo’s mail and cloak and Sam’s sword
He shows them and speaks of terms also
The terms rejected and the tokens they take
“Begone!” cries Gandalf and away he flees
Forth Three Hunters! The army approaches!

The army of the Eye comes forth
From the dark land of Mordor
Back the company rides
To where their army abides
Forth Three Hunters! Fight hard!

Upon two hills they make their stand
About them the host of Mordor swarms
The standards of the west still are blowing
A cry lifted up “The Eagles are coming!”
Forth Three Hunters! Fight on!

Suddenly the Nazgul turned back
The armies of Mordor ceased their attack
The Towers of the Teeth crashed down
“The realm of Sauron is ended!”
Forth Three Hunters! The enemy has fallen!

Frodo has fulfilled his quest
The ring destroyed
The shadow departed!
The evil defeated!
Forth Three Hunters!



wow. so long, so good, it's really amazing. :)
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Bernadette | Sun, 12/28/2008


That was AWESOME, Elizabeth!!
I love it.
Oh, and I like your new profile picture, too. :)
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Clare Marie | Sun, 12/28/2008

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." -Bilbo Baggins [The Lord of the Rings]

Amazing! You are so

Amazing! You are so talented!
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Sarah | Sun, 12/28/2008

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

Cool! You've got quite the

Cool! You've got quite the epic poem there, good job!
The leprechauns made me do it!!

Heather | Mon, 12/29/2008

And now our hearts will beat in time/You say I am yours and you are mine...
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Woohoo! Victory!

Tolkien would be proud!
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Anna | Wed, 12/31/2008

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief