Mighty was the Fallen

A Poem By Elizabeth // 5/25/2007

“Mourn not overmuch mighty was the fallen”

These staves he spoke
On the back of war
Death brought to the field
Sorrow the city held
White towers rose to greet
The bier bearers
Walking through the street

King’s crown has been given
Rejoicing all sung
Now all the sorrow
Is poured out to the one they love

Banners of green and white
Herald the death of grief
Mightily he fell
Honor he kept
The king of the hall
Of all the lands
Father to all

He has been buried
In the barrow
Flowering white
Of Simbelmyne

Mourning Women
Shed Their tears
Silent men salute farewell
Niece and Nephew
Hold each other
Esquire Merry
Cries aloud

“A father you were to me a little while!”

To all he was
A father dear
Gay and Strong
Loving King

Singing his songs
Praising his name
Honor bestowed
On Theoden King