'Neath Darkened Hood

A Poem By Elizabeth // 12/23/2010

Knight in home-dwelling, outpost by dark-swelling, fanfares and whispers…

Bears silvered horn, brass bugle grapples belt, heralds and wares…

Head lifted o’er battlements, hidden ‘neath darkened hood, fearless and wary….

Sword unsheathed raised o’er he, arrow polished bright, brandishes and tightens…
Tower breathes in light of morn: mirrors its likeness
Shadowy growth gathers shadows creeping: sways in breeze’s lulls
His Commander espies every fault: while his own captain being
As a breeze’s passing he wanders: with skill he furthers his steed
Guardian of decaying beauty-watchmen of the perishing tree



I like this a lot, Elizabeth! You are really coming into your own style of poetry.

Hannah W. | Sun, 12/26/2010


this is really good.

Bernadette | Mon, 12/27/2010

Ooooooo. I really like

Ooooooo. I really like this......

Mairead | Mon, 12/27/2010


"Sweet is the love that never knew a wound, but deeper that which died and rose again." - Mother Mary Francis