Fiction By Emilee // 12/21/2013

Have I ever posted fiction on here? I don't remember...Whelp, here's a little bitty short story! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Crimson Lips drawing the determined green eyes, stopping them in their tracks. Jerking them up from the pavement, interrupting their constant chant of "Keep walking. Don't remember. Keep Walking. "

The sad green eyes are home for winter break. Exhausted from all that freshmen year at college is, and doing everything to not think about how glorious 4 years of high school in this cozy old town was. Fighting to keep the memories and pain at bay. Fighting to stay away from the tear jerking reminiscing that could happen at any moment if they gazed upon the run down theater, that snow dusted park bench, or the big oak tree in the park across the road for a moment too long.

But the chant is crushed and the remembering comes in a tsunami sized wave knocking the hardness out of the green eyes when they see those once familiar lips . The crimson lip's simple smile directed at another whose neck they are dangerously near. Crimson lips whispering into the red hair, as she flirtatiously tugs at one of the locks.

Flirting, laughing smiling- crimson lips and red hair on the very bench where the green eyed boy pressed a kiss to those crimson lips for the very first time. And the second and third.

Green eyed boy stopped in the middle of the sidewalk drowning in his memories- Holding hands, both of them sweaty from nerves. Shaky voice asking her out to prom. Dancing, crimson dress to match her crimson lips pressed tightly against his black tux and crimson tie, slowly swaying back and forth. Those crimson lips whispering promises of devoted love that could last forever while starring deeply into his green eyes. The time in Gino's Pizzeria when the crimson lips giggled as she wiped the sauce speckled with pepper flakes from his chin and his green eyes were screaming love louder than he thought was possible; that moment he knew they had "it", that thing that makes love last forever. And when she showed up in his driveway sobbing onto her smiley face steering wheel cover, mascara tainted tears staining it black, and her crimson lips speaking words he never wanted to hear. When she said he needed to be able to move on and not to be strapped to that town, to that girl who was still just a kid. He deserved more. He deserved what everyone else was going to have. Those green eyes could make any girl fall, he didn't need to be longing for those crimson lips from 6 hours away. When he let her go because he didn't know how else to make her see, because all he kept saying to her was "but I love you" because those were the only words his mind could put together as tears streamed out of his green eyes.

Crimson lipped girl snapping suddenly from flirtatious to shocked and sad as her eyes caught those green ones and the tsunami of remembering hits her. Standing suddenly, his name on her crimson lips. Red hair jumping at the sudden change, and the green eyes taking in his old friend with the blazing red hair starring at his only love. Green eyes steeled as the crimson lips call out a vain plea-"stop"-but he marches on. The smalls amount of hope he'd been nurturing ripped out of his heart, turning bitter and falling into his stomach, making him sick and weak.

Elayna's mouth settling into a regretful frown as the words fall from her crimson lips, and Jacob's green eyes turn a bitter shade as he wipes away the last escaping tear


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