Wind of the Night

A Poem By Emilee // 2/22/2013

Wind of Night

The house deep in the lonesome valley
Where a tired child once lay
Where a slumbering couple dreamed of happiness
Where darkness had come to abide

The walls once contained complete joy
A little boy with all his toys
The family wallowing in bliss
Ne’er expecting deaths’ cruel kiss

The wind howling a murderous tune
The trees cackling beneath it
The air was thick with palpable misery and woe
The child’s moans masked by the wind

The picture of joy shattering
The falling pieces clattering
Child taking one final breath
Slipping softly into his death

The mother’s screams still carried on wind
The house stuck in that moment
When curses of the past combined with fates cruel designs
Death arrived in unknown fashion

They ne’er know they’re doomed
Until a small body is entombed
When echoes out the gentle cry
From the first night a child did die

An ancestor’s malevolent will
A husband’s wicked design
A mother’s screeching cry when her child’s ripped away
Her dying words a whispered curse

Beware the cursed wind of night
Carrying a mother’s soul in flight
Sweeping across the valleys floor
Straight to her precious child’s door


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