A boring day

A Poem By Anonymous // 12/20/2007

The snow is falling and is deep
I sit and sigh as I watch TV
A bunch of reruns that I've seen before
I lean back on my pillow and hear myself snore

I look back at the Christmas Tree
Wondering what my presents will be
But Christmas doesn't feel like it's coming
Though it's only a few days away.

It feels like winter will never end
That new shows will never come on
That through the dull hours
Christmas won't come.

I've tried to get into the Christmas spirit
But it feels like I'll never get it
I feel like the Narnians under the witch's spell
Locked up inside from the cold.

It's not a sad feeling when I say it doesn't feel like Christmas
It's dull and dreary and no plans are being made to go out and have fun and sled and ski....

I wish to call my friends and family
And plan to go sledding, make snow angels...
And so much else to do and see!
But on a day like this, My lazy self won't get up. It'll slumber and delay.
This is how I felt one afternoon on a boring December day.


I've had that kind of day

I've had that kind of day too.
Merry Christmas!

Faithhm72027 | Fri, 12/21/2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Yeah, I despise those kind of days.

Scio, diligo, servo Deum.

Lucia | Sun, 12/23/2007

Scio, diligo, servo Deum.


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