A song called= It won't be Christmas without you. Deticated to the Soldiers in Iraq on the holidays.

A Poem By Anonymous // 11/30/2007

It wouldn’t be Christmas without you
Verse 1: It’s a beautiful sight outside
The room is bright
But something doesn’t feel right
It’s Christmas Eve and yet I don’t feel happy
I want you here because it’s too hard without you
Chorus: It just won’t be Christmas without you
Though everyone’s here
It just won’t be Christmas
Since you’re not here
It’s not the same
Nothing feels right
Without you by my side
It just won’t be Christmas without you this year
Verse 2: Time passes by
As the night draws nigh
But I’m waiting for you
I’ve forgotten that you’re not coming this year
But I won’t forget you
No, it’s not gonna be the same.
I hope you’ll be here next Christmas
Because without you there won’t be one this year
(Repeat Chorus)
Bridge: And in a flash, Christmas has passed
And on to the New Year
And I miss you, it hurts
To not see you here
But I know that soon you’ll be here
(Repeat Chorus 4x)


Oh, it's sad.

Oh, it's sad.

Anna | Sat, 12/01/2007

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

*sniffs* very

very sad.................
but nicely written. :)

Sarah | Sat, 12/01/2007

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

It's one of the only sad

It's one of the only sad songs I've wrote!

Emily-Smileygirl (not verified) | Sat, 12/01/2007

I know it's very sad but

I know it's very sad but thank you for the comment.

Emily-Smileygirl (not verified) | Sat, 12/01/2007


you put words together well!!


Velocity | Fri, 12/07/2007

The Truth will set you free.


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