Narnia Parody Part 1 and 2

Fiction By Emma Katherine // 5/14/2012

This is a story I wrote last night at about 11:30. If you do not feel like reading it, I will put a link at the bottom so that you can listen to my sisters and my recording of it :)

Part 1

Narrator-Lucy is sitting in her room pouting because no one will believe her far out story that there is a world in her closet.
Lucy-They've always believed me before. And I never lie.
Narrator-Edmund comes in.
Ed- I found a world in my drawer!!!!
Lucy-Don't be stupid. Go away.
Ed-You expect us to believe you but you won't believe me?
Lucy-That's because you always lie. I never do.
Narrator-It is raining outside and Edmund is playing xbox and Susan is buggying down while Peter is reading Twilight. Lucy is pouting in the corner because no one will believe her. Susans music ends.
Sue-Lets play hide and seek.
Pete- But I'm at the best part of my book.
Ed- And there are hackers all over the place and so I'm done.
Narrator- They decide to play, but there is one problem. Will Lucy play?
Pete-Lucy, will you play?
Sue-Yeah, Lucy, will you play?
Ed-Come on Lucy. Play unless you'd rather go search for more worlds.
Lucy-*just to show Ed* I am going to play.
Narrator-Lucy is it. She counts as high as she can, which is 33.
*Lucy runs around looking for her brothers and sister. She finds Edmund in her bedroom going into her closet.*
Lucy-I'm gonna catch you!
*Edmund runs to the back of the closet.*
Ed-Wow! It's big in here. I wish her story was real, that way she won't catch me.
*Suddenly he steps in a pile of snow.*
Ed-YIPE!!!! It was true!!
Lucy-Edmund!!! Where are you?
*Edmund forgets the game and walks around. Soon he hears bells. DING! DING!!*
Ed-Sounds like the loading screen for my favorite xbox game.
*Sleigh comes into sight with dwarf sitting in front. Tall lady is in the back with red lips and white skin.*
Tall lady-STOP!!!!
*Tall lady stands up*
TL-What are you doing here?
Ed-Ummm...What happened to your lips? Theyr'e redder than my moms. You know, she would love to have that shade of red. What brand do you use?
TL-It's very expensive. She could never afford it.
Ed-Oh yeah! Prove it!
TL-You look cold and hungry. Come sit with me and eat some turkish delight and have cocoa.
Ed-NomNom!!! I love turkish delight.
*Edmund hops in the sleigh and snatches a bottle from the lady. He opens it.*
Ed-Hey!! That's not cocoa! It's probably poison.
*Tall Lady laughs and pours it on the ground. A box of turkish delight and a cup of cocoa appear.*
Ed-DUDE!!!!! That's like in a video game. Where'd you learn that?
TL-I'll teach you if you bring your brother and sister to me. See, I need more decorations, and they would look just right.
Ed-Sure! I love turkish delight!
*Tall lady has got Edmund to bring his family and now Narnia will never be right if that happens. Will it happen??? Find out later. DUN DUN DUN!!!!*

Part 2

Narnia pt. 2
Narrator- Edmund is stepping off the sleigh and the tall lady hands him a video game. He heads home, and meets Lucy coming home as well.
Lucy-Edmund!!! So you got in too! Isn't it wonderful?
Ed-Yes! I got the video game I have wanted for so long.
Lucy- Oh sweet! Where'd you get it?
Ed- It was just laying around. You know, finders keepers.
narrator- They walk back and Lucy runs to the living room where peter is on the edge of his seat reading Twilight and Susan is buggying down to her new playlist she just bought.
Lucy- Peter, Susan!!! It's true, Edmund has seen the other world!
Peter-Coocoo! Hey, Ed!! Where'd you get that game? I have wanted to play it for forever.
Ed-I just got it in the mail. But I am playing it first.
Pete- No fair!! It's got multiplayer.
Ed-Alright, come on.
They leave Lucy crying and Susan oblivious to the fact that anyone else is even in the room.
Pete-Sue, Lucys taken this too far. She won't stop. What do you say we go visit the phsychiatrist?
Sue- Alright, she needs it.
They are sitting at a desk and the phsychiatrist is listening to them. When they finish, he says:
Phsy-Has she ever lied before?
Phsychiatrist looks at Susan- Has she?
Sue- Never, which is why we're worried. We thought something might be wrong with her.
Phsy-Has she gone into crazy fits of jumping around and singing hysterically before?
Phsy-Then she is not mad. The only thing to do is believe her. I mean, innocent until proven guilty.
They leave, not feeling any better about it.
Two days later.
Sue-If it will make you feel better, I bought a music track that is all about feeling good.
Lue-Thanks Susan, that was real nice of you. But I don't feel like it right now.
Peter and Edmund run in with there arms full of xbox and controllers.
Pete-Open the closet! The Macready is angry because our game was too loud! She's going to take it away!
Susan opens the door and they all stuff it in.
Sue-The Macready! Shut the door!
They crawl to the back and Peter sits in the snow.
Pete-Hey! What am I sitting on?
Sue- Snow, what else do you expect in a closet? SNOW!!!! Lucy was really telling the truth!
They walk into the snowy world and decide to meet the horny goat man that is Lucy's new friend. When they get there, they are surprised to find the door kicked in and a note saying. "Tumnus is under arrest for shoplifting xbox video games. Signed, Maugrum, captain of the secret police."