The prince in shining armor

Fiction By Emma Katherine // 7/8/2013

Once upon a time there was a young woman who was very deeply in love with a handsome prince. But, little known to her he was a coward and would not for anything be made to do any brave or wonderful acts. When the young woman, who's name was Felina, was captured by a giant, she wrote a letter, begging her love to save her. He never came, instead he ran to his father and begged him to send an army to rescue her. His father, the king, said that he could not spare any and would have to rescue her himself. But the prince was afraid and locked himself In his room for a week. The giant told Felina that he would eat her in about another week, so she wrote once more to her love telling him all that would befall her. The letter was being delivered by a messenger on a swift horse. But he was robbed by a knight. The knight read the letter and who it was to. He knew that the prince was a coward so he decided to rescue her himself. Long and hard he battled the giant and at last, he released the princess from her captor. He fell at her feet and said "madam, you are rescued."
She flung her arms around his neck and said "Take off thy helmut brave love, that I may kiss thee."
"Nay lady, answer me first and swiftly, wilt thou marry me?"
"Oh yes! I could never refuse thee after what thou did for me."
"Swear to me." He said.
"I swear it." She said. And with that, the knight collapsed from his wounds and she removed his helmut. Upon seeing that it was not the prince, she gasped. But true to her word she married him within the year and soon came to love him so fiercely, that when the prince came and tried to tell her that the knight had stolen his letter and that he would have saved her If the letter had arrived, the she cried "Liar! Be gone from me coward." And wrathfully raised her frying pan against him. The prince, being a coward, fled from her and at last married a rich princess who cared not wether he were a coward or a brave warrior. She cared only for his money and spent it so recklessly that the kingdom soon had no money and the prince and his wife had to work for a living. But Felina and her knight in shining armor lived happily ever after. THE END!!!


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