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*A/N* It says three at the beginning of the chapter title because it's number three including the initial prologue :) And the official theme song for this is Letters From the Sky by Civil Twilight. It's an amazing song, so if anyone wants to listen to it.....

A Boy’s Memories
          “Get away from me!” she breathed. The boy, automatically it seemed, stepped his beastly horse back, looking remorseful.
            It broke her heart. But he scared her too much.
            “Please, please don’t come back!” she said, tears of fear falling into her mouth.
            The boy looked at her for a long moment, his face contorted and his white eyes sad. “I’m sorry, Mia.”
            Mia looked back. “For what?” the question flew to her lips before she could stop them. Just looking at him made her sad. And more and more unafraid.
            “For frightening you.”
            At that moment, Mia was no longer frightened at all.
            “What are you here for?” she asked him.
            His face twisted further, and Mia wanted to snatch her words out of the open air.
            “I’m sorry,” she said quickly, looking at her shifting feet.
            They were quiet for a long time, and then the boy looked up. Dmitry was his name, Mia thought.
            “Mia?” he asked.
            “May I show you something?” he looked pleading. Mia hesitated before answering.
            “Will I be able to come back?” she asked. She had to ask. She didn’t know.
            Dmitry stared at her. “I do not know, Mia. Amelia.”
            “I’ll come.” She didn’t think. She didn’t have to.
            Dmitry nodded and outstretched his black-gloved hand. Mia hesitantly stepped forward, reaching for it, wondering whether her hand would fall through it or not.
            But as soon as their fingers touched, Mia was shot through something icy cold and invisible, suction cupping her lungs to her back, sucking her back farther and farther…….
            Mia landed face first on wet, very lush grass. Slowly, unbelievingly, she pushed herself up from the ground. Her cheek was stinging again. She was sure it was scraped from her last fall.
            She stood up and looked around. It was a small clearing, with trees on either side. From one tree hung a wooden swing, with a small girl on it.
            What Mia found strange was the fact that, although all of her surroundings were very real, the colors were almost black and white.
            The girl that swung had dark hair with a white bow in her hair. Well, Mia assumed it was white. She couldn’t be sure. The girl’s pale hands clutched the worn rope and she laughed. Mia cautiously took a step forward. She glanced back, and all of a sudden Dmitry was there, sitting on his horse.
            His eyes were the saddest he had been yet, and he wasn’t looking at Mia at all. He only looked at the small girl on the swing. Mia took another step forward. The girl didn’t seem to be able to see her.
            Upon closer inspection, Mia realized how much this girl looked like her own pictures of her when she herself was a little girl. Her hair curled the same way at the ends, her eyes big and black, her cheeks pale and frail looking.
            “Faye,” she whispered. She was close enough now to touch her doll-like cheek. She reached out, but instead of touching her, her hand went straight through her. Mia shrieked and jumped back, but the girl didn’t seem to see her. Mia looked down. She could see her feet. Was she actually invisible?
            “Mia,” said Dmitry, from the other side of the clearing. “Mia, there are more memories to show you.”
            Mia nodded, hardly able to tear her eyes away from the girl. She strode back across the clearing and took Dmitry’s hand again. The ice cold wasn’t as startling this time.
            Within seconds, Mia had landed in another world. Gravel on her hand made her already scraped palm bleed again. There was an old, broken down house, with two childlike figures talking animatedly in the middle of the ruins.
            Mia ran forward, eager to see if it was the girl again. She vaguely heard Dmitry’s horse behind her.
            It was the girl, and she was talking to a dark-skinned boy. With a start, Mia realized it was Dmitry. He was small, and instead of white eyes they were a pale blue.
            She was right next to them, but despite the movement of their lips, Mia couldn’t hear any words. The only thing she could hear was herself and the ghostly Dmitry.
            Mia turned to him. “That’s Faye, isn’t it?” she asked. Dmitry nodded slowly.
            In a second, Dmitry had grabbed her hand again and she was transported somewhere else.
            There was a grown Dmitry, or as grown as his current age, holding Faye’s pale, china-like hand beside a lake. She leaned her head against Dmitry’s shoulder, her dark hair like a waterfall behind his back. A white ribbon was still tied around her hair.
            Mia glanced to the ghostly Dmitry. He reached for her hand and they left to another memory.
            This time it was a dark forest. Mia screamed as, suddenly, a dark figure on a large black horse came galloping by, with a huge group of pursuers behind him. Mia leapt behind a tree, even though the riders would just go right through her. She ran after them as the last rider passed. She felt a lump in her throat when she noticed their spears.
            Mia nearly ran into a horse’s hind end before she stopped. Then, she cautiously went around to the side and hid behind a bush, as if they could see her. This time, she could hear what they said.
            “Where were you taking her, boy? I want answers,” said a rasping, growling voice.
            “I can’t tell you. It is not her wish,” said a fearful voice that Mia recognized as Dmitry’s.
            “Listen, wizard, I know that you two were running away together. Give me answers. I’ll kill her if you don’t. My men have her at that old ruin.”
            “She doesn’t want me to tell you.”
            “Fine. Then you die. The witch will join you soon.”
            Mia jumped as Dmitry grabbed her hand, and they left the scene.


This is very exciting!

I'm excited!

He's a wizard!

I'm excited!

Anna | Mon, 06/14/2010

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

OoO !!!!!


Tayme | Tue, 06/15/2010

Thanks to both of you!

Thanks to both of you!

Erin | Wed, 06/16/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


that was great!

Arya Animarus | Wed, 06/23/2010

Oh for the times when I felt invincible.



Erin | Thu, 06/24/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


Wow!! So cool! I can't wait to see what happens next...I'm very confused, and very intrigued! More soon, please!!

KatieSara | Fri, 06/25/2010


"Are all humans like this? So much bigger on the inside?"

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot!

Erin | Sat, 07/24/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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