a few words on friends, first loves, and heartbreaks

A Poem By Erin // 8/19/2015

I. First Love
you’re here and now it’s
like you never left
your voice is
so familiar that I want to cry
you’re thinner now
leaner, more worn
but you’re smiling like you
always have and I’ve never felt
this way about a person and
next to you I’m so keenly aware
of your knee and your hand and
the streetlight just highlights the curve
of your spine and my adoration for you
I’ve spent so much time wanting you back
but here I am
about to go
nobody can frustrate me
break me
or make me smile like you do
you’re telling a story in the way only you can
I’m in love with your inability to sit still
and your full body laugh
and the words you say
and you, you, you
we won’t work
I am not naïve
but you are
my very favorite friend
whether I am yours or not.

II. New
my heart aches for a second
with the thought of leaving
these people behind
I’m about to find
and more people to love
cities I’ve never dreamed of visiting
a whole new life
and even more memories.


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