Flame, cool, sea, burn pt. 2

Fiction By E // 11/28/2011

*A/N* I've been having such writing block that I've been trying just to let the creativity flow, so this writing style is a little bit different. And there has been ZERO editing, so if there are any really terrible grammatical errors or mispellings, please let me know. Critiques are more than welcome, as always!!!!


Joseph was a strange boy. His mother knew that from the very moment he was born, with his eyes wide open and his little naked body shaking from the cold. His toothless mouth chattered as the doctors rushed to warm him and his mother, a broken woman who cried with no tears, begged to hold him and asked the doctors what was wrong with her baby.
As he grew older he stayed warm and no longer shivered, but he liked to sit out in the powdery snow right on the other side of their cottage on a hill. He had a small sister, Briana, but he didn’t talk to her except for when he needed to, and he didn’t talk to Briana’s father, who he knew wasn’t his own. His broken mother tried to convince him that he was, but Joseph felt it in his bones that she just wanted to believe that.
He was a smart child, a strange child, but he didn’t know what to do. When he grew to be a young man of eighteen, his mother said that he should go to school in the city, where he could learn and become a doctor.
“I don’t like doctors,” he said quietly. He was a very quiet young man. He hardly spoke except for when he needed to.
His broken mother sighed a sad sort of sigh. “A businessman! A billionaire! You’re too smart to stay here, Joseph,” she cried.
Joseph did move to town, but it wasn’t to become a doctor or go to school like his mother wanted. He signed up to go to war with the neighboring village because he was a young man who didn’t know his purpose, but only wanted to find it.


 How very interesting! I love

 How very interesting! I love the descriptions of his mother. Very unusual, but powerful.

Sarah | Mon, 11/28/2011

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

I don't have any critique,

I don't have any critique, except that it was too short. :P :) I was just starting to get into the character.

Anna | Wed, 11/30/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

Thanks to both of you!

Thanks to both of you!

E | Wed, 11/30/2011

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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