Ideas and Thoughts, 31-36

Fiction By E // 6/22/2010

*A/N* Hola to all who live within the magical realm of Apricots! The first four of these are mostly "oceanic" because of my family's recent trip to the beach for Father's Day, many of them being based on some of the experiences there.  Lemme know what y'all think! (My favorites are Free and A Spoon ;-)

            “The sky enveloped her face and body as a whole as she lifted her cheeks to the sun, spreading her arms out wide to each side, her palms facing upward, her eyes closed and her mouth spread wide in a smile. The salty green grass waved wildly around in the wind that blew her hair back away from her face. Around her there was only water, blue water that reflected a perfect image of the sky above. Her chest rose and fell in rhythm of the distant sound of the gulf.”
32-How Many Fish Have Gone in the Ocean?
                        “Daniel spit salt water out of is mouth bitterly, wrinkling his nose and passing a hand over his face and hair just as another wave crashed into him. ‘Ugh, that’s gross,’ he said to his sister, spitting out more sea water. Emily smoothly bobbed up with the next wave. She was far smaller than her brother, being only seven, but she had much better rhythm. ‘Y’know what the worst part is about getting sea water in your mouth, Danny?’ she asked him slyly. Another small wave went by, covering her from the neck down. Daniel glared at her. ‘What? And don’t call me Danny.’ Emily smiled fiendishly. ‘Well, DANNY, the worst part is to think of how many fish have gone pee in here.’”
33-Ocean Floor
          “Katya was in wonder of the sandy gulf’s floor. She stepped down, and it began to get deeper. Soon she was on her tip-toes, struggling to keep her head above water and longing for her brother’s boogie board. ‘You all right, Katya?’ he asked. ‘Uhm-hum,’ Katya grunted in reply. She pushed herself up and was now only floating. She bounced gently with the waves.”
            “The pelican surveyed the gulf’s waves below him. Though his eyes were small, they were very sharp. Within one wave, he saw a fish jump. Immediately, he dove downward towards the fish, crashing into the warm water and coming back up with the slimy thing caught in his mouth. Proudly, he held it in his bill and took off into the sky, the fish flapping and squirming about until it could no more. The other birds eyed him jealously, but he ignored them and cockily swallowed the fish while flying.”
35-A Spoon
            “‘Close yer eyes, Nadia’ said Efram. I loved how he said my name. Nadya. It made me want to change it. I smiled as I did as I was told. My heart skipped beats as his warm, callused hand caressed itself around mine and placed something cold in it. As he slowly took his hand away, I closed my tingling fingertips around the object he had placed there. ‘Can I open my eyes yet, Efram?’ I asked, sounding a lot fainter than I had intended. ‘Nay. Feel it and tell me what it is,’ he replied. I heard scooting of a chair on the hard, wooden study floor and I felt him sit and look over my shoulder. I tried to keep my shaking fingers under control as I turned the object around in my hand and felt it all around. It was only moments before I told him, ‘A spoon.’ ‘Aye. Now feel the engravings on the handle, and tell me what they make.’ I could sense the smile in his voice. Again, I did as I was told. The metal was raised in some parts and flat in others, but I made my thumb follow the design from the front, towards the actual spoon part, all the way back to the tip of the handle, and then come from that way. I was confused by the end. ‘I don’t know, Efram,’ I said. I still felt dizzy, with him sitting so close next to me. ‘Open yer eyes,’ he instructed. I did, slowly though, and in my hands I saw the most magnificent piece of work I had ever set eyes on. I gasped and held it close to my eyes. It was a forest, so full of life and things I had never seen before. A giant cat, striped like my Gramma’s favorite pillow, lay down in a copse of trees nearby a waterhole, at which there was a striped donkey with small ears, an enormous animal with a nose so long it looked like a tail, and several horned, gentle looking animals, much like a horse and a cow put together. I looked to Efram. ‘This is beautiful. Who made it?’ I exclaimed, searching his sun-browned face. He flushed red. ‘I did,’ he said. My eyes grew wide. ‘Oh my! Why be a pirate if you can work wonders like this?’ he flushed a deeper red and shrugged. I handed it back to him. He looked surprised and pushed it away, back towards me. ‘Ah, nay, Nadia. I made it for no hands nor mouth but yer own,’ he told me with a smile. I was dizzied with delight. I, forgetting my shyness and lady training sessions with my mother, quite unprofessionally flung my arms around Efram’s strong neck sideways from my chair, feeling his black hair that tumbled like velvet just past his wide shoulders. Feeling his warm breath right beside my hair made me weak at the knees and grateful that I was seated. As though taken by surprise (which, mind you, he probably was) Efram circled one arm around my back in return. I could have clung to him forever, but I pulled myself away, trying desperately to keep my cheeks from heating up. It really is amazing what a spoon can do to a person.”
36-The Delicate Art of Flying
            “The dove was hooked onto the branch. She bent her hocks and used all her strength to push off of it, and bringing her wings to each side she shoved the blocks of air aside and brought herself out into the open.”


They are all beautiful! My

They are all beautiful! My favorites are A Spoon, How Many Fish Have Gone in The Ocean? and The Delicate Art of Flying. Your words paint vivid pictures. :) Thank you for sharing them.

paperpoet | Thu, 06/24/2010

Thanks so much! I really

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

E | Thu, 06/24/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

"How Many Fish Have Gone in

"How Many Fish Have Gone in The Ocean" was hilarious, and I loved "Free" and "The Spoon."  You have a gift, girl.  Keep going.  By the way, there are some of us who are waiting for a new chapter in a certain story of yours...

Bridget | Wed, 02/09/2011

"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question." - Harun Yahya


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