The Holt Children and the Winter Carnival Mystery: Book Two (Chapter 2; The Haunted Carousel)

Fiction By Aredhel Írissë // 6/29/2014

Chapter 2


Pam felt herself being gently shaken. She opened her eyes and saw her little sister standing over her. “Hi, Betty,” she said. “What’s the time?” Without waiting for an answer, she glanced over at the alarm clock that stood beside her bed.

Betty smiled. “See, I didn’t wake you up late. It’s eight o’clock.”

Pam smiled in return. “No, you didn’t, “ she said, tussling her sisters loose hair which was waving from being in two braids the previous night. Pulling off the covers, she climbed out of bed. “Now, go get dressed, if you want to go!” Pam said, smiling and giving her sister a little push towards her clothes.

Pam dressed and went down to breakfast. She found her brothers eating already.

“Good morning, you two!” She said.

Ronnie grinned. “We’re going again today!

“We sure are, Ron.”

“And right after breakfast, too!” He hurriedly finished his pancakes and then hurried off to put his shoes on. Pam sat down beside her older brother.

“Not hungry?” He asked.

She shook her head. “Not particularly. I’m just waiting around for everyone.”

Just then Betty came tramping down the stairs. “Hi, Joe!”

“Good morning, Betty,” he said.

Betty walked into the kitchen and came back out a moment later a with a pancake and milk.

Before long mother and children were already and were about to go. Pam and Betty went off to say goodbye to Mr. Holt. “Now you have fun, you two,” he said, grinning and tweaking his youngest daughter on the nose. Betty giggled. “Now off with you two!” He said, laughing. “And don’t get into any trouble!”

Pam hugged him and took Betty by the hand. “Bye, daddy!” She said. The walked out the door and found the rest of the family waiting for them. “We’re off again!” Betty squealed.

“Come ride on the carousel with me!” Betty said, pulling her sister toward the ride.

“Alright.” Pam smiled.

Betty laughed and squealed as the ride started up. Music started playing, and the littlest of the Holt children waved at her friend, Caroline. Her friend, who sat atop a lion on the carousel, waved in return.

The day ended in much the same as the previous day had. They left for home at about six o’clock.

Mrs. Holt went into the kitchen to cook supper, and Pam followed her.

“Would you like me to help you, mother?” She asked.

“Of course, dear. Thank you.

Betty ran into her fathers room. “Oh, daddy!” The little girl said. “We had such fun today!” She explained everything that had gone on that day, and before they knew it Pam was calling them for dinner.

With supper over, the four Holt children said good night to their parents and went up to their rooms. Betty brushed her teeth, said good night to her sister, and went off to her bed. Pam lay down and before long was fast asleep and dreaming.

Later that night Pam awoke to find her brother bending over her. “Joe?” She asked sleepily.

“Hi, Pam. Sorry to wake you up. I just couldn’t go to sleep,” he said. "I thought maybe you would like to come with me outside and walk around for a bit.”

“Oh, sure,” she said, yawning. “Let me get dressed, and I’ll be right out.” She got out of her bed quietly and went over to her closet.

Slipping into a dark blue dress, she walked over to her bed and sat down to tie her shoes on. Pulling her coat, she came out the door and saw Joe waiting for her.

“Ready, Pam?” He whispered.

Pam nodded and took his hand into hers. They crept quietly down the stairs and out the door. The wind was blowing wildly about, and it was all Pam could do to keep her hair, which was down, out of her face.

They walked past the place where the winter carnival was held, and on past that to the play ground, where they sat on the swings and talked together.

“Betty and Ronnie sure are excited.” Pam chuckled.

“They sure are,” her brother replied, grinning.

Pam sighed. Then wind had slowed down quite a bit, but it was still cold outside.

“It’s chilly out,” Joe said, wrapping his coat tighter around himself.

Pam smiled. “What else do you expect?” She looked down at the glistening snow. “Doesn’t the snow just look so beautiful under the moonlight?” She asked.

Joe nodded. “It’s is. Lovely.” He shivered. “Are you ready to go back home, now, Pam?”

“I suppose. Though it’s feels so nice out.” Sighing, she stepped off the swing. The two walked off of the playground.

As they passed the grounds in which the carnival was held, Pam suddenly felt a hand grip her arm tightly. “Wha—?”

“Sh!” Joe said. “Look!” He pointed towards the carnival. His eyes were huge with surprise and wonder.

Pam, wondering what was wrong, and what he was so surprised about, looked to her right, in and in the direction her brothers finger was pointing,

Pam’s mouth fell open in shock. “What on earth???” She said.

It was completely quiet, and no sound came out of it, yet on the carnival grounds, the carousel, which had been perfectly still when they had passed it first, was turning around and around!


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