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A Poem By Ezra // 11/4/2009

Note: I am trying to post something at least three or four times per year. This is a collection of small and unfinished poems, most of which were written some time ago.


Moth’s Wing
Lay the tulips softly, withered hand;
Grass has crept onto the dirt
And skirts the ashen stone.
The first touch of her fingers
Had been a golden moth’s wing beneath the moon;
A silver-blue shape at your brother’s wedding dance,
With laughing eyes.
There is a lady, tall and green,
And from the her shores the distant,
Hollow voice of freedom rings:
Distant, shrouded a veil
Of time and thought, and spread
With soot by wiser men,
Who dangle in the marketplace
The pretty things that everyone
Must have, and then, in goodness, say:
“See how our trinkets glitter
In the light, but only may be bought
With copper coins from France.”
Remember how we used to wander, Father,
Among the weeds and through the jumbled stones?
You sought me as I’ve never sought another
I felt your hand on mine, I was your own.
Remember how I used to brush the grave-tops,
Not fearing that I’d have my own some day?
I followed you, and tried to match your footsteps
And cared not, knowing you would see the way.
Remember how I listened to your stories
And hung on every word, on every thought?
‘Twas then I knew you as my place of refuge,
And without you I knew that I was naught.
The Sea
Depths of brooding green,
Marbled shades of cold and endless blue;
A wild thought subdued:
Beauty, clothed in dark and furious waves
White whips of spray tear madly at the wind,
Crown every rolling top,
And fade away.
And I –
- I watch in silence,
Slip by each wave,
Slip by each thought.
Soul like Water
Those passing smile:
Jeans are free and shirts loose,
Autumn winds cross waving poplars
The park walk hears them
Shuffling, laughing
And some banter about
Charlie’s new girl
Though invisible rain were falling,
I could see:
Shirts clinging wet, winds biting,
Hands dug deeper into pockets,
Painted smiles washed away;
Charlie’s love is dust;
It clings as mud


I love these!

"Moth's Wing" is so pretty...  it sounds like it would make a wonderful epic ballad. :) Or at the same time, a sweet bedtime poem.

I love the line in "Lost" - "And without you I knew that I was naught." I love the way poetry expresses such beautiful truths.

"Soul Like Water" at first made me miss Fall even more than I do right now (I rarely get homesick for the states except in Autumn, and then it's constantly missing it!). Then as it progressed... made me sad. I love the way weather connects to the emotions. And the last two lines are really neat.

But my favorite has to be "The Sea." :)

Kyleigh | Wed, 11/04/2009

 All very well done.

 All very well done.  "Freedom" and "Moth's Wing" were my favorites.  I would love to see more of "Moth's Wing" when it's developed!

Mary | Wed, 11/04/2009

Brother: Your character should drive a motorcycle.
Me: He can't. He's in the wilderness.
Brother: Then make it a four-wheel-drive motorcycle!


There are all really, really good! I have to agree with Mary about which ones were my favorites, too. :D Great job, I loved them!

Hannah W. | Wed, 11/04/2009

A silver-blue shape at your

A silver-blue shape at your brother’s wedding dance/With laughing eyes...

I think my eyes are laughing right now, but they may be crying. Thank you for writing these. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for not dropping off the face of the earth completely, if only for the sake of wondrous little elven letters like these...

Anna | Wed, 11/04/2009

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

That was so good and vivid!

That was so good and vivid!

E | Thu, 11/05/2009

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


Lovely, Ezra. Simply beautiful. I think that "Sea" was my overall fave, but I love them all.

LoriAnn | Fri, 11/06/2009


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