Adventures in Narnia

An Essay By E // 11/14/2008

Thanks for the idea, Bernadette! I love Narnia. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe movie is fantastic! And as are the books, of course! (I was disappointed in Prince Caspian-so far off the book!)

So anywho, this is my adventure in Narnia.

I had walked through the wardrobe and was making my way through the snow covered woods. The trees were leafless and white blankets were lain across the blankets. The snow was turning my brown hair white.
As I hung on to the lampost and swung around as I enjoy doing, I came face to face with a messanger.
"Ellen," (BTW, I'm using a fake name =D) "Sir Edmund has sent for you. He and Queen Lucy require your services," she said. I couldn't help but stare, for nothing but dainty pink flowers made her outline. It was as if she were air.
So I said something really intelligent like "Uhhhh....I'll be there in a little bit."
Although it was difficult to see, I saw a frown appear on the flower lady's face.
"Farewell, we will meet again," the messenger said, regaining her composure, then floating off with a gust of wind.
I stood there rather stupidly and stared at where she had stood.
I sucked in a deep breath and went to find the castle. After a while of walking, I found the points on the castle. Oddly, the snow started to melt the closer I got. Then, I encountered Mr. Tumnus. "Why, hello!" he said in a cheery way.
"Hi," I said. I had always wanted to meet this nice fellow.
"Looking to find the castle, eh?"
"Yeah! Is this the right palace in the direction I'm heading?" I asked him.
"Yes, the one and only. I shall escourt you there, to make sure you stay safe. Rumour is that the White Witch has been wandering about. Doubt it's true, but just in case," Mr. Tumnus explained to me.
"Ah. Thank you much for your concern," I said.
"No problem, Miss," he told me.
And so Mr. Tumnus and I had an enjoyable conversation while walking to the Narnian castle. "Well, we are here, Miss Ellen, I do hope you have luck with the king and queen. They are quite kind, though Peter is usually the more noble and fair one over Edmund, Lucy is always fair and sweet," Mr. Tumnus said.
"Thank you for escourting me!" I called after him as he walked away.
Then, I faced the castle. It was majestic, with lovely carvings on the front and upon the towers.
I took a deep breath and stepped into the castle......