A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 8/5/2014

i. This Morning
I woke up and I thought for a second it was January
Just after the panic
But silly girl, it's August
And it's round two of a never-ending fight I thought I defeated

ii. Fire
I hate fire
Because your innocence was buried in a box no bigger than my pinky
And you cried last night
Over a lit candle

iii. Choking
I'm choking
Because I cried for half an hour and fell asleep angry
There's no such thing as justice, in my humble opinion

iv. Excuses
"I'm sick. *cough*"
"Long car rides disagree with my personal morals."
"I have summer things to catch up on."
"But I have terrible hayfever."
"What if the car drives off the road?"
"I don't have enough music."
"The car ride could severely harm Billie's tuning."
"But it's too late in the year."
"I just don't want to go."
"But the aliens demand that I stay at home this weekend for, uh, some ritual."
"I just can't."
"But my knee won't do well in the car."

v. Terror
I'm leaving tomorrow
Leaving for five days
And there's no way
I can check up on you
To make sure you're okay
I'm scared.

vi. Round Two
I know how to fight this battle
I don't want history to repeat itself
I don't want to nearly lose you again

I hate going at this alone


Good set!

These are good! Full of raw emotion... I liked them! Especially Round Two!

Kassady | Wed, 08/27/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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