A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 5/21/2014

I could tell by the awkward silences on the other end of the line
Punctuated by the whir of your fan and the sounds of your breathing
That this conversation wasn't where it should be
Your voice sounded dull, not because of the static, a grey tone between us

And at three fifty-four, your words, simple betrayal
Stabbing me more than when all the others said the same
Because you promised you'd never hurt me
And that promise was torn to pieces when you abandoned me

A hurried farewell, ending before you could finish
Five seconds of silence, the calm before the storm
Letting what had just happened sink in
And then the sobs, great and powerful, wracking my frail form

Cut me to pieces, throw me out to the wind
We could have been so much, we could have had so much
Why did you walk away, my love, and spit me on the ground?
I guess the world was right when they said I'd always be alone

Words blur and sentiment's flawed
Everything's okay, everything's fine, everything's perfect
I'm not upset, only tired
Am I the only one who feels the invisible wall that splits the inseparable us?

I gave you everything, stayed by you through it all,
And all you did was shrug and say
"I can't help you."

"I can't help you."

Three fifty-four.



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