And I Still Dream of You

A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 4/28/2014

i. Longing
Oh, what good does such time have?
Such empty hours, wasted days!
Who would steal such sweetness from these moments,
Murder memories before they have the chance to live?
Who would steal unborn kisses from young lovers' lips?
Such cruelty should be punishable by law!
And yet, to reach thee, my dear,
I go through toils and trials, interrogations, tortures,
Kept light only by the knowledge, that through it all,
My love waits patiently for my call.

ii. Protector
My eyes burn, engulfed in ire
Burning bright against hateful fire
I shout out cold, scream against the heat
Stepping 'round desperately, kicking my feet
Flinging out water, choking on smoke
No longer on my own wounds do I choke

If I could do anything, anything at all,
I'd take your pain, replace your fall
I'd take on your toils and your strife
Do anything at all to save your life
And as I fight against closing my eyes
I swear I'll save you from their lies

iii. Await
As I sit
Watch the stars turn from my windowsill
I know how long I must wait
And as I stare
I feel my days grow rosier in anticipation

And I wait


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