Be Merciful

A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 4/21/2014

Fear encompasses my every move
Between the careful "I love you"s and affectionate names
I lie on the cot in my cell, home becoming a prison
Ripped from the world inside Verona walls

What if I'm not there to catch you if you fall from grace again?
What if you're not as okay as you're letting on?
What if I can't save you again?
I don't think I could bear it, I can't afford to fail

Dripping constellations, fate-driven, faulty stars
Recreate the days to night, and nights to day,
And let the world sleep, for at least until freedom comes
And we're allowed to bloom as we were meant to be

Just send me a sign, that you're safe
That the bird didn't forget how to flap its wings mid-flight
That your sanity is still intact
Just a sign, a sign to keep me safe.


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