A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 5/20/2015

I asked if he felt the chill on the breeze and he said he did and I asked what we should do and he said he didn't know and I cried because winter was coming and I didn't know what to do I didn't have a jacket because I thought it was always warm here and now I am cold and so is everything and my hands feel numb and they crack and bleed at the slightest provocation and he's quiet and I'm crying and we're so lost out here nobody gave us a road map but we went off on our own and I just want a beacon of light to save me we stopped feeling excited somewhere along the line and I lost the feeling of adventure and I'm watching the clock tick and I'm lonely I'm lonely why do I feel so lonely I thought I'd never feel this empty feeling again but oh how I was wrong I'm shouting for help but my throat is raw and I have a fever and he has no solutions to offer and we're both terrified and I asked if we should split up to find a way out and he said no and I'm glad to have companionship but not when your companion feels miles away when he stands next to you and certainly not when the sky falls in and you're the only one who sees it you're the only one who saw the sky falling and they all called me chicken little but the star that fell burnt a hole in my hand and now the world is ending and it's like that story of the scientist who fell in love with a language student and then tragedy struck and the world wasn't the same and the end is them staring out in the queen's garden and I know what they meant when they said "the edge of nowhere's such a beautiful place" because I'm staring at nowhere with you by my side and he said we could stay here but I know we can't just like I know the world can't stop spinning and go back to so long ago back when I had hope and yeah I had a battle to fight but at least I had a reason to keep fighting now the sky is black and the stars are gone and my lungs are full of smoke and we can't go backwards and we can't see forwards so it's either stay right where we are or get out but neither of those are appealing and I'm listening to a song about birds and I smell sweat as I lie on my back and wonder if the stars will resurrect from the ground and light up the sky once more


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