Fiction By Flying Past Clouds // 7/9/2013

I decided to try something a little different today, a little bit of horror.
Before you say anything, I know what you are thinking. 'You scumbag! You promised us four chapters a month for AIH! This better not be another hiatus!'
It's not, okay? Calm down. I just felt a little strange today and wanted to try writing some dark horror stuff. Can we move on?
Anyway, here it is! Leave a comment if you were too creeped out by my imagination or if you enjoyed it or wanted more! And criticism is always appreciated!
It had been three months and seven days since Chris Longbar was murdered.
Well, the police had classified it as a suicide. But Chris's girlfriend, Eva, refused to believe it.
Not that the others in her small Indiana town thought much of it. Eva was always a delicate one, to put it politely. She was a glass of wine on the edge of the table, waiting for one gentle push to shove her off the edge and splatter onto the expensive carpet below. The push, in this case, was her boyfriend jumping off the edge of the water tower, plummeting to his death.
Eva became a bit of a recluse. At first, her parents tried to coax her back into the outside world. When that didn't work, they called a psychiatrist into the house to check up on her. Nothing appeared to be wrong with her, other than the fact that she was obviously in mourning.
A week later Eva ceased talking.
At least, Eva ceased talking about normal topics.
Occasionally she would shout about being pushed.
When asked to explain further, she would immediately resume what she had been doing, but not before her eyes would grow huge and she'd open her mouth as if to scream, before shutting it quickly. Sometime's she'd even form a beginning letter - 'P', or sometimes 'M'.
After a while Eva would hardly leave her room at all.
She was never immobile, she would occasionally walk the permiter of her room, or lie on her bed and let silent tears roll down her pale cheeks. But no matter what, Eva would always make time to scribble something down in her notebook. If someone would try to take the book from her, Eva would lash out violently, scratching, sometimes biting, overall having the reaction of a mute feral animal.
Whatever was in that book was very secret.
And, judging by the following events, very, very dangerous.
Three months and seven days after Chris Longbar committed suicide, Eva went missing. Her parents were frantic - Eva had been a lot quieter before vanishing, to the point of hardly moving. They had scheduled an appointment with the psychiatrist again, to see if there was anything they could do. They called the police, who sent out a search party, but nothing was recovered.
On the four month anniversary of Chris Longbar's suicide, at dawn, a hunter found the body of a young woman matching Eva's description at the foot of the same water tower Chris had jumped from. The body had been decaying for the same amount of time that Eva had been missing - twenty four days.
The police searched Eva's belongings for evidence, but came up with nothing. Eva's parents told them about Eva's book. The police looked everywhere, but came up empty handed except for a scrap of paper Eva's parents identified as to having similar rule to Eva's notebook.
There were a few sentences legible, but of the ones there the police came to the conclusion that Eva had been suffering from delusions due to her lack of sunlight and little food she ate each day.
The mystery has not been solved, and not many people in that small town will talk about Eva or Chris, some deny they ever existed. Eva's parents moved to another town soon after the investigation was closed.
I have put the message below. The blanks represent illegible, scratched out, or torn parts of the paper. This was dated two days before Eva went missing.
The ------ woman smiled today. She -------d at me and asked if I was feeling ------. She offered me --------- in return for the secret. I refused. She then ------- and threatened to tell M------ that I was being a naughty girl again. She said that M----- would -------- me like he did Chris. But she was lying. M----- is fond of me, he wouldn't hurt me.


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