A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 4/6/2013

It's funny, you don't realise you have it
Until someone taps you on the shoulder
And tells you
"You're wonderful."

Can be like the end of December
Calm and cold, sub-zero temperatures
I can't stand the freezing for much longer
"Don't leave me stranded."

Is counted in birthdays and anniversaries
We add our own holidays, and create dates
We know how long our earth rotates around the sun
"Is that alright if it's only for a while?"

It happens so fast, we don't even remember the moment
Until we count back how long we've been going
And simply apply logic to the formula
"There's your smile I was looking for."

Can finish so abruptly, we don't feel a thing
All we see are faces and colours
Before our souls fly off and our bodies decay
"They disappeared in the night, no one could stop them."


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