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A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 1/16/2014

i. Stars Collide
I know I've said it before but
Your eyes are like twin kaleidoscopes
And they shine when you laugh
Like, really laugh, the type of laugh
That explodes from your chest
And waltzes away to freedom
Flying high with the birds

I praise the night and
The twinkling stars that light the way
As I swing my legs over the edge
Falling, jumping, deeper still
Oh, my love, my dear,
I know you're afraid but
Won't you catch me?

ii. Table Talk
I sit at the table and
I apologize, because I can't
Talk for long
"I'm having tea with the chickadees at noon"
"Sounds lovely."
"It is."

But it's not quite as lovely as
Talking to you because
Chickadees don't talk much
And when they do, it's not as fun
And they don't sing as well as you
Plus their jokes are weak
As weak as their tea

iii. Wildflower Love
My love is like a wildflower
It goes where it pleases and
Doesn't know rules
I've shattered a billion
And I'd shatter a trillion more
If only to catch your eye
Or capture your mind for a moment in time


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