Goodnight, Goodbye

A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 1/5/2014

Goodnight, sleep tight,
May sweet dreams break to morning light,
I'll stay in repose as you chase the wind
And when the time comes I'll join you again

Goodnight, sleep tight,
Whenever you ask, I'm always all right
As you have your dreams, I bury mine
I'll dig them back up when I find the time

Goodnight, sleep tight,
May your eyes always stay as bright
As I choke on the scissors, invisible blades
When I lose, you don't have to come to my aid

Goodnight, sleep tight,
I'll try to protect you from their spite
You keep your eyes open wide, and I,
I will lose this fight and die

Goodnight, sleep tight,
Don't you dare give up the fight
When I pass before night is through
I hope you know how I admire you

Goodnight, sleep tight,
I know that they were always right,
I hope you go and chase your dreams
And leave me behind with my torn seams

Goodbye, don't cry
Stay there, be strong, don't ask why
I'll be okay and you'll be fine
I always knew you'd never be mine


This is beautiful. I loved

This is beautiful. I loved your wording, your rhythm...basically everything about it :)

E | Wed, 01/08/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

This is beautiful! I loved

This is beautiful! I loved the rhythm!
It kind of reminded me of elements of Peter Pan. The buried dreams, chasing the wind, and practically every element of this bring to my mind quotes from the book. I love it!

Elizabeth Anne | Wed, 01/08/2014

See him with his books:
Tree beside the brooks,
Drinking at the root
Till the branch bear fruit.
See him with his pen:
Written line, and then,
Better thought preferred,
Deep from in the Word.
~John Piper


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