I'm Putting an Ad in the Paper

A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 8/29/2015

Because I can't keep waiting anymore
So I'll write every defining characteristic and fashion it into
Some sort of searching yearning looking for notice
A help-wanted don't you get it there's so much more to be
Found and hidden and hide and seek with our feelings
I'm tired so I hung sponges from the ceiling
Let them sink up all my misery
I'll tattoo the north star in the skin you ruined
And I'll claim the sores are poetry in visible format and
If anyone asks why I'll counter them with
A riddle about how you can know someone one day and pretend to
Have forgotten every secret they stitched into your mouth
Your hands
The spot where your neck meets your shoulders
And if you ever think of me as the biggest maybe of your life
We can pretend
I can pretend to be nothing and you can pretend to be longing for
A little more than what you were before
Or just until I'm rescued by a response
And I finally have someone who will let me break in two


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