A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 8/21/2014

i. Miracles
Heartbeats are little miracles
Beating since you were born
They go on beating until you die
But they're fragile little drumbeats

I've heard stories
Terrible, frightening stories

I thought I heard them fade a bit
But jolting from my trance
I realized that was the sound of falling asleep
Oh, love

ii. Morning Sunlight
Everything's coated in sunlight
I feel like I'm in a dream

I pretend it's the morning
So I can roll over and fall back asleep

One day, I'll feel morning sunlight
One day, nightmares won't exist

iii. Flying
Oh my, I think I'm flying
And he's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

iv. Shaky Smiles
The shakiest smiles mean the most
Because the humanity is shown
Their weakness, their flaws,
Their beauty

We share shaky smiles
And the world spins on


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