Kill the Uninvited

A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 7/7/2014

i. Oil Spills Part One
There are some days I forget how life feels
I forget there are moments that make my blood feel like gunfire
I forget there are hours where my heart is pure gold
I forget the feeling I replayed in my head to rock myself to sleep
I only remember written things
Transmitted across miles quicker than a blink
But they can't feel

There are warning signs on the doors to roofs of tall buildings
They say radio waves could damage one's brain
But in some world where people aren't as overly concerned with health
I see us sitting up there, watching fireworks, holding hands
And maybe we'd get caught and dragged back down by some authority
Wouldn't be so different from the real world
Just a little more glamorous than reality

ii. Clinging
The sheets made me think of you
And memories I've all but forgotten
Our friends are drunk and professing their secrets like they mean nothing
I want to see the world in color again

I've lost my innocence in a tornado of war and crimson scarves
And all I have to remember it by is the highs from yesterday

iii. Citrus
He paints in colors he barely understands
He's in love, but there's someone else
And he watches his best friend fall
He watches him at night, during nightmares

He wishes to be in another body
He wishes to be who he used to be
He longs for innocent days when they ran faster than anyone
He longs for freckled faces, starry eyes, and lemonade

He's stuck and looking for a way out
He's stuck in the same old loop
He's broken hearted and he'll never fall out of love
He's fated to stay here

He still gets lost in his best friend's blue eyes

iv. Once Again
We're tethered to reality
But we're testing fate again
At least we'll go insane together

v. Childhood
You have your memories of seeing for the first time
And thinking "He's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen"
Remember when you joked for joking's sake, not to hide?
Remember when you felt so high on those shoulders?
Remember feeling human, even when you weren't?

Do you remember the world being a good place?
Remember not seeing him war-torn and shell-shocked?
Remember when he didn't hide and he looked his age?
Remember when he didn't speak in a tone that was frightening?
Remember when you and he were shooting stars
And he didn't call himself a freak?

I remember
I remember
I remember
This isn't even mine to remember

vi. Rebellion
I forget why I'm fighting this battle I will never win
When every day's a war, sometimes I want to give in
And each offense gets closer and closer to my beliefs
I keep fighting in little ways, music ceasing grief

I pretend to keep it all together
And I wonder how longer it'll be til I break

vii. Oil Spills Part Two
It's all about falling in love and falling in fear
That tugging in my gut silenced by some comfort
Eventually thrown away by someone who doesn't care enough
Because no matter how long the memories stick to your clothes
The smell of a good few hours will fade out
Just give it a week or so
Because records are made to be broken

We shot mercury into our veins and we danced with death, the four of us
We compared scars and shared stories of the darkest nights
We listened to the songs that got us through it
We fell in love in troubled times and little lies got us through it
But it's a sin to swear to our truths
It's a sin to speak our minds
It's a sin to kiss under a harvest moon

But oil spills are holy too

viii. Household Objects
Really, we have to get over it sometime
But past offenses are hard to forgive

We can't live on our own with household objects

ix. Goodnight
Goodnight, sleep tight, remember to put the pillows right
So it feels like I'm asleep in a world that's safe
Because cool pillows never chafe
I still wish they could be warm

Dreams don't have a heartbeat

Please sleep tight
I'll send you a memory to make things right



SOOOOO glad you're not dead ;)

Good poems. This stuck out especially:

"Remember when you joked for joking's sake, not to hide?"

Arrhhh, ain't that the truth?? Sadly.

A lot of these are actually quite confronting. You've improved so much!!

Maddi | Sat, 07/26/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh


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