Late Night

A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 3/28/2015

So it's a bit of a late night
And I thought about when we first met
I was scared as could be to talk to you
But it was okay cos you were too

And I had so many big dreams then
About moving to a city and starting my own world
And you had dreams then too
Of meeting up with all your friends

But now my dreams are dashed
And you don't talk to the gang anymore
Because I'm too tired to get out of bed
And you got rid of the bond you had with them

Our friendship dried out like berries in the sun
We hardly laugh anymore like we used to back then
And if you remember me through four layers of activities
I'm still lying here on my bedroom floor

I'm talking to more people now
Trying to find what we once had
But one won't reply and the other's not you
And I just miss you and your stories you told

You grew up and I did too
And we pretend the old things we have are shiny brand new
You promise to sweep me off my feet
But I know your arms cannot carry me


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