A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 6/15/2014

i. The Moon
The moon is orange
It looks like someone snipped a burning match and hung it in the sky
Funny, the moon was always mine, while the sunset was yours
But this proves yet again we are one in the same

ii. The Scenery
It's dark, except for the moon
And it smells faintly of smoke
I can't help but wonder what it does to you
You grin and make a joke about this being the perfect setting for a horror story
I smile back and say that I know you'll protect me
You grab my arm suddenly and I shriek
You laugh
I roll my eyes

iii. Pale Pink
We decide to go back
I put my arms around your neck and you lift me in the air
I kissed you then, your lips were soft and felt pale pink

iv. Final Thoughts
Lying in bed, I recall reading a theory
That inside a black hole, time stops completely
If I had the choice, I'd take that moment and put it inside one
Because I really didn't feel like waking up the next morning
I'd rather just be there, locked forever, you and I


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