One Day, Right?

A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 8/25/2013

i. My Dead Past
Funny, sometimes you're so far gone
You start to imagine you're alive

And then a psycho pops up here
She taps my shoulder and winks

'Just let me write this one poem'
Oblige and then where will I be?

ii. Reborn By the Help of Two Lunatics
We'd met twice before
And we never got along,
But third time's the charm, I guess
Because they stole my heart

Sleepless nights led to inspiration
And under the waxing moon
Buried under sheets, lit by a phone
I knew who I wanted to be

iii. The Opposition
I wanted to begin right away,
But in the name of 'protection'
I was tethered and bound to a liar's arm

The 'E' parameter left me empty,
The 'P' parameter left me crazed,
The 'R' parameter kept me down

So I got a box of ideas, a jar of change
Over three years and a lot of aspirations
And camped out in my backyard

iv. The Future's Calling
I toss and turn, losing hope
The variables are too much to take
But I've gotta keep my head up
Else I'll be hating myself

Don't wanna be stuck in a dead end
Or be bored with the same four walls
I hate the idea of sitting in my box
Lifelessly typing away

The future holds so many possibilities
But I've gotta be there, right?
After all, why else would I feel this way
Hear the calling from deep inside my dreams

v. End Note
I'll see you then
For now I'll keep myself alive

My letters to my inspirations
Are sitting in some metal box

But I know I will be fine
Forget those who don't believe


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