The Only Thing that Matters Anymore

A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 1/6/2014

It was one of those moments that shall perpetually live on in my mind, a part of untouched, unaltered memory that I shall carry with me like a love letter, even when it's old and torn I don't dare throw it away. Even hours after it's occurred the memory of your sweet, childish words as they reach me miles away never fails to take my breath away, and I could feel myself falling deeper into the rabbit hole called love as I replied with similar whimsical phrases. Shining, glittering, and golden, I caught the moment early on and told myself, "This is one of those moments, pure, sweet, and beautiful, that deserves to be kept on in the minds of men, don't cut it short, don't try to prolong it, just let it take its beautiful course, and oh my g***, treasure this moment forever." and these moments cannot be replicated, these moments that smell of honey and twinkle like snowflakes, these moments show up once in a while to remind you of something worth living for. As I smile and let the moment play on, not daring to interrupt its sacred course, the stars outside shine bright from the chill that the blankets keep far away from me, but somehow I suspect your words can keep me warmer than any quilt ever could. I hardly breathe, barely even blink, for the fear of that this second in time could shatter like glass, the shards left behind to scrape and scratch their way under my skin. "Never let this moment go, don't you dare forget this, because this is the only thing that matters anymore." I whisper to the dim light around me, my fingers tapping out a secret I dare not tell anyone, not even you, and as the words appear in front of me I hastily push them back, for now is not the time, now is never the time, but I'll treasure this moment just the same. "The only thing that matters anymore."


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