Summertime in the Busted Bubble - Six Short Poems

A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 8/26/2013

i. Storytime from a Surburban Bedroom
I'm hiding under my unmade sheets
Smiling with my stash of sweets
Story, story on the page
Whatfore art thou tale today?
What adventures are in store?
And will tomorrow bring some more?

ii. Broken Rhythm
Tapping along to the sound of drums
Singing along go my favorite song
Jumping up to switch on the fan
Everything has its rhythm
Though mine's a little broken

iii. Coins in a Jar
Pennies, dimes, nickels in a jar
I've got a couple of dollars saved up now
So I'm positive that in a few years
I'll have as much as I need

iv. Moonlit Laughter
The night provides the perfect setting for a laugh to be born
Though happiness is endangered now,
Much like the Polaroid Bear or the BeBe Bird
A single giggle snakes its way towards the stars
Following the paths of the fireflies

v. Radiowaves and Internet Signals
Time, space, the radio
Playing a song that we both know
Signals, waves, ferris wheels
I wonder if we both can feel
Time, space, the radio

vi. Future
I do soforth solemnly swear
With all the power vested in me
That I will keep my end of the bargain
So long as you keep yours.


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