Then (Some vague story that isn't supposed to make sense)

Fiction By Flying Past Clouds // 12/5/2013

I shut my eyes. "This won't hurt, right?"
"It shouldn't."
I tightened my grip on the chair. "Promise?"
"I would if I could."
I open my eyes just a crack. "Y'know, sometimes lies aren't a bad thing."
The smile. "It'll be over soon, okay?"
I nod. "Okay." I lift my hand to make room for the hand I wish was there to hold.
What if?
The fear. Then the thought.
Then light.
I'm surrounded by white. Familiar white. I shut my eyes, wanting it to go away. But though I can't see the familiar color, I can smell a familiar smell. I feel my heart stop, as I feel a familiar brush against my arm.
It can't be.
The thought. Then the nod.
"How's she doing?"
"She'll be fine. Just keep watching, make sure nothing gets out of hand."
The nod. Then the silence.
I open my eyes. I was right. It wasn't.
The white and the smell and the brush against my arm are all gone, replaced by an empty field. It's late, and nobody's around. I sit down and fold my hands behind my head, watching the stars. I turn my head over, just in time to see a familiar form vanish from where it lay next to me.
The silence. Then the tear.
"How much longer?"
"I'm not sure. She still seems to think -"
"She has to give up eventually."
"Will she?"
The tear, then the whisper.
I hate the feeling of not being alone. Having to function in your proper habitat while being watched, it hurts. Not a sharp-pain-paper-cut hurt, a dull-arch-in-the-small-of-your-back hurt. And I know, as I stare into those two green-brown portals, that I am being watched.
"I'm sorry." I whisper.
"Don't be. There's nothing to apologize for."
"I didn't want to. They forced me to, and..."
The whisper, then the tear.


This is insanely cool.

This is insanely cool. Especially liked this bit: "Not a sharp-pain-paper-cut hurt, a dull-arch-in-the-small-of-your-back hurt."

E | Mon, 12/09/2013

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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