A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 4/6/2013

September, oh, a month so cruel
When feelings, now in constant duel
The beginning, ever sweet and new
The ending, giving away you.

We met 'Neath the star-crossed skies
Wearing only a disguise
Silently, our feelings led
To tears now cried, hearts now bled

Angels divide four by two,
On one side being me and you
The other pair, lost to time
Memories, and simple rhymes

Selling souls to see a smile
Wasting away all the while
Silly children waste their days
Giving mine for simpl'r ways

Hark! The glorious anthem praise
The secret to the endless maze
A puzzle I build in my head
A tale, curiously led

I'm afraid of the foretold fall
You're afraid of nothing at all
Deeper into the Puppeteer's mess
Acting on the smallest guess

I never really asked to know
Past selves not wanting to go
There was a beautiful, ancient blue
Someone I never really knew

A mad-man's plot we followed must
Watching my bones turn to dust
Finding, now, a singing child
In a woman bitter, no mercy mild

She tore my heart, ripped in half
Set you on a troubled path
For when is all said and done,
We're both dying, and she's got a gun.


That was so powerful.

That was so powerful. Excellent job. The last line is striking.

E | Fri, 05/31/2013

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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