The Truth is Not Always What We Want to Hear

A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 6/13/2013

i. We Are Alive
The sky is an overcast sheet of ice
Pouring forth tears of joy
And you take my hand and we dance
Weaving in and out of the crooked paths
Made by raindrops

We danced and feeling the water on
Our skin, so pale from the lack of light
Letting us know that someday there will
Be a sun to shine on us, and
That we are alive, we are alive

Truest love came in the form of rain
Water from the sky, pay it no mind
As we fall like the drops and run through
The mud, pay it no mind
Even though our Sunday-best clothes are ruined

We'll suffer the wrath of our mothers
Just to know that we are alive
We are alive

ii. Just a Dream
Like the house on the corner or 11th and Doddson
I've been told you never existed at all
And I've woken from a glorious slumber
With all I have to hold on are two things:

The key pressed into my palm and
The fading chords of a song
Both imprinted in my head as I
Woke from a dreamless sleep

iii. Gold is the Colour of Change
The sunset is casting an
Eerie golden hue on the lovely
Green leaves on the summer trees

Gold is the colour of change that
Eclipses your beautiful green eyes
When you say goodbye

iv. Eight Hundred, Forty-Seven Days
We spent them well, all of them
From the perfect start to the stormy end

And though your feelings are lost in my head
Your tale isn't over, but immortal in paper

I have given you a world that which we never die
And nothing changes, and we are genuine

We can live forever in our numbered days
We can sleep without closing our eyes.

In the greatest world where nobody cries
And the water only sings sweet lullabies
And the water only sings sweet lullabies

v. End Sequence
We are born. We die. We see darkness. We see light.

We hold truth. We hold lies. We suffer. We thrive.

We are born, we die.



I really liked the first one. Great job!

little woman | Thu, 06/27/2013

The most astonishing thing about miracles is that they happen.
-G. K. Chesterton


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