We're Going Places

A Poem By Flying Past Clouds // 7/28/2013

A friendship is an amazing thing
At least that's what I'm told
And I think that's what we have
If I may be so bold

I hope you know that I've got
Your back at all times
And that we need each other
Like this poem needs to rhyme

In any circumstance
If an apocalypse occurred
I hope that you realise
I'd be on your team for sure

We should start a band
Even though we cannot sing
My voice and yours combined
Will be an interesting thing

We get along quite nicely
We both have no class
Cannot compose ourselves in public
And honestly act quite crass

Through the fits of giggles
And numerous jump scares
We can meet together
And leave behind our cares

To my new companion
Throughout the years ahead
We'll trudge trough the tunnel
Make it out, just like we read

Perfect! Let's go pack our bags
And we can leave today!
We can make these four long years
Now hurry; we'll miss the train

And if we get split apart
Don't be scared, my friend!
For on a pterodactyl's epic wings
These words to you I shall send


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