A Poem By Gary // 6/19/2007


Shatters of the Conscience,
the broken splintered sort
The creaking moaning anguish,
that froze my barren heart
Why does silence shatter,
the Ice that tasted sweet?
The coldest forms of "Wisdom",
that "wisdom" brought defeat
Warmth erased the selfish lies,
on the thick and lifeless slate
The harmful words of mine,
put on hateful waste
The sinful kind of sadness,
that tastes painfully sweet
Explodes to silent screaming,
of Love that shakes with heat

Electric pangs and spasms!
Shocks race across my face!
Cold blood turns and Boils!
Is this a form of Grace?

Sinful winter begins to melt,
in a roar that screams in silent shouts
This is love I've never felt,
a fire that bursts from within to without
The care that shakes and beats and burns -
Melting off the sickness and calluses
A wheel of flames licking your wounds -
Wounds, and scabs, and introverted analysis's
The kind of Scream that hurts and heals-
these pangs absorb the sinful heights
Chills destroyed in the Real -
Temperatures that can set fire to Ice

I've been marked by sin and shame,
but the Candle knows no bounds
I'm the sinner to be blamed,
yet He burns with a love that resounds
It washes away marks of filth,
and purifies an aching heart
He utterly eats away the guilt,
and leaves His Awesome Mark

Fire to fire, Light to light, His Taste!
The Holy Spirit, the Lord of Hosts,
Slams my face with His Grace
You don't get the Holy Ghost -
He's a wild, uncontrolled, Wind
A Fire that burns at a million degrees -
A beautiful unfathomed Friend
Holy Spirit, Consuming me!

The marks of sin are burned away -
Is this the life after the grave?
The stench of self is washed away -
I've been bought, purchased and Saved
I want to be transparent -
This love is so inherent

I was shot through the head,
with a magnum bullet
Blood was spilt,
can you taste it?

The Bullet is the Paraclete,
and He knows no rules -
He can simply slam every fool with the truth,
until they stuff their fake asinine illusions

He did it to me,
and it was of the sweetest taste
The most amazing feeling,
incredible heated Grace,
the amazing power of healing-
The ultimate place

Don't pretend you're fine,
we are nothing aside from the Divine
The Lion of Judah will take your soul,
if you just shut up, and let go
You can feel love,
just stop blocking it,
and Believe for once

Believe just once!



I love the "Wounds, and scabs, and introverted analysis's" referance.

Anonymous | Fri, 02/22/2008