A Poem By Gina I. // 2/21/2019

The music sings
Tugs at my heart
If I don't dare to join
It'll tear me apart
To express oneself is freedom
Though it may come of pain
And the shelter that music provides
Is like an umbrella in the rain



I love this so freaking much!!

Damaris Ann | Thu, 02/21/2019

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.


I love this!!! Beautiful!

Heather Jones | Sun, 03/03/2019

“planting seeds inevitably changes my feelings about rain.” —luci shaw.
psalm 84:10 esv.

Gina, this is lovely. I love

Gina, this is lovely. I love your simple way of putting things so elegantly. :)

Libby | Fri, 03/08/2019

“The gospel alone is the power of God unto salvation.
Therefore, suffer, yes. Be misunderstood, yes. Be shamed, yes. But do not be ashamed. For the joy set before you, take up your cross, follow Jesus, be shamed and despise the shame!" -- John Piper


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