A Metaphor for Love And Loss (Revisited)

An Essay By Gina I. // 10/17/2016

I love him, he loves me. I need him, he needs me. We're dancing a complicated waltz and we know each other so perfectly, it's simple. We're destined to be dancing for our lives.
But then a stake to the heart sends me reeling back, I'm bleeding tears. Pain consumes me, and suddenly, I no longer see him. I can't hear him, I can't feel him, I barely sense him. Nothing registers with me, as I'm being beaten to the ground by the crush of dancers. Through a haze of white noise, I hear him, calling, screaming for me.

I can almost feel his touch…

And then utter, complete, total silence, broken only by my screams as I search vainly for a thread of hope to cling to, to bring me back to him. I'm lost, alone, dying from pain. The stake is soaked with my blood, it becomes a mirror, and through it I see my entire life.
I rise again, stumbling, trying to run, but there's no one, nothing to run to. I am alone in the dance of life, all my family and friends having abandoned me or been torn away. I am alone in the last strains of the music.
Nobody sees me fall, at last, to sleep and never awake.

Nothing… but black. Nothing… but silence.

Then a hand touches me gently, bringing life back to my heart and a rhythm to my soul. A voice awakens my mind and calls me back to hope, to life. I open my eyes and a face smiles back at me. A word and the silence shatters and is filled it with music. A hand reaches out and pulls me to my feet, before sweeping me off. A laugh, and I am overflowing with joy. A sweet embrace, and I am alive. I will never be alone again.


This is beautiful. Perhaps

This is beautiful. Perhaps I'm interpreting it wrongly, but I see loving redemption after the world has brought me down. So lovely. So reassuring.

Damaris Ann | Tue, 10/18/2016

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.


The only way you can misinterpret something is if the creator tells you clearly what you're supposed to take from it, and then you ignore that, so I don't consider that a misinterpretation, but an excellent insight. I'm glad you enjoy reading my work.

Gina I. | Tue, 10/18/2016

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