Got Sisters? by Amy M.

An Essay By Anonymous // 6/24/2002

I'm one of the many lucky persons in this world who has been blessed with siblings. But, sometimes I don't take this as a blessing, but as a burden. After all, who enjoys having little sisters read your journal, telling boys that you have a crush on them, or even worse, well, there isn't too much worse than that now that I think of it. My home is an emotion run warehouse of females. Five siblings - all sisters - I'm the oldest. Some days I would easily trade all four space-invading girls for, umm, nothing! I'll give four sisters, ages 5-14 for free! What a deal! Today is one of those "some days" - you see, my parents have left me to watch them - for nine straight hours. There's no escaping prison here as walls of freshly fallen snow has blocked every exit. I'm here to stay, my sisters loudly chasing each other around my chair, Barbie dolls in hand. It's never quiet around here. I mean, you would think that a household of girls would be peaceful and calm. Never would you imagine any wrestling, burping, fighting, or yelling. Well, I'm here to smash all those thoughts of sisters being quiet and calm. I hate to ruin the picnic - but everything Louisa May Alcott wrote in "Little Women" is false. We don't sit down every afternoon to have a tea party. We don't cuddle next to each other whenever one of us gets a paper cut. Hardly. There's a fair amount of roughhousing and yelling here. And then when my sisters are done acting like animals, and someone gets hurt, pretty soon tears start flowing and the emotions ooze from every corner of the house. Common enough, a fight breaks out shortly thereafter. Yep, that's life at my house. And days like today, I am tested to my fullest to see how long I can go without blowing up. Why was I "blessed" with these little terrors? How long will it be until all of them mature and stop all the annoying little habits that they bug me with? Will I ever have a sister as a best friend? Questions like these run through my head. But, then I look into the family room, and see the five-year-old and seven-year-old playing dollhouse. Quietly. Without arguing. Amazing! What sedative had they taken? I wonder. Just in the next room the 10-year-old and 14-year-old sit side-by-side watching television. No fighting, pinching, or crying? Again, amazing! Quietness among the girls usually makes me suspect that they are planning a conspiracy against me. But, today, I catch a glimpse of the joys that sisters can bring. We will always grow up together. Friends will come and go, but not sisters. I'm stuck with them forever. I think of all the positive aspects of having sisters, and for the moment, I forget the bad memories - like the time one of my sisters was running around in the house and happened to knock my bookshelf off my dresser. She happened to break it and scattered all my books, CD's, and other little treasures across the ground in the process. Things like this happen all the time here, but despite that, I have learned that I love my sisters dearly. The positive aspects of having four wild sisters outweighs all bad aspects. With four sisters, every night at my house is a sleepover. With sisters, I can have the most memories. With sisters, I can share the most in-side jokes. Yes, now that I think of it, having four sisters really is a blessing. As bothersome as they can be at times, they can be very sweet. Whenever I'm having a bad day, or just feel crummy, my little sisters are there to save the day by telling me they love me and by giving me a hug. More than anything else, they look up to me. They remind me to be an example for them. So, I've come to a conclusion that no matter how much my sisters may bug me, I love them no matter what. And then the TV breaks, the dollhouse is pushed aside, and the house is no longer calm, and I'm up to go stop another wrestling match. Ahh, sisters. You gotta
love them.

age = 13-16


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