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Age: 28

Favorite word(s): nuthin' 'zactly 'cuz

Status: Homeschool Graduate

Who am I?

You talking about me? Oh.. you are... You want to know who I am, huh?

I am myself... What? You already knew that?

I am a writer... You're wondering why else I would be on here? hmm.. good point.

Ok, 'nuf said... but.. but.. alright.. if you wanna know more...
Don't say I didn't warn you.


My name is Gideon McFarland Reynolds (G-Mac is a combo of my first and middle names). I have been writing with varying degrees of success for over 5 years. I mostly write short westerns, reminiscent of L'Amour (or so my readers tell me). But I do want to write sci-fi and medieval fiction as well. (I've spent many sleepless nights researching medieval days, ways and weapons)

Over the past two years, I have worked for and received a certificate in Furniture and Cabinet Making, plus one year's worth of college-level graphic design.

Math and Logic are my best subjects, with English following closely behind. Though I am terrible at punctuation, and my grammar is always not... I mean, not always.. perfect.

I enjoy humour, and find it hard to be serious most of the time.. but I'm sure you already guessed that. ;)

My favorite writing blog is;

AND... I want to say a special "Thank you" to Marlene Schuler for getting me onto ApricotPie. :D


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