My Purple friend, Chapter 1

An Essay By Hailey Hallow // 3/3/2009

Hello, my name is Purpletalkata and I live a happy life with my Central Nebula on planet Purpletuor. Humans probably don't understand our language. Central Nebula means family in bluketalk. I can speak and comprehend four different tongues including plabotory. Oh my! I am gloating about myself once again! My moria, mother, sought out my name because I am constantly talking! I do not look like most aliens of my kind. We are purple worms with antenna's two feet high! You can imagine the stress it puts on our necks! I have a extraordinary gift received to me when I was born. I can make my kind love me if I can touch the peak of there antenna's! Cool right! Wrong. Our worm form is fat and short. Unless I go on a diet (which will never happen) so I can lose weight! Anyways, aliens on Purpletuor eat particles in the air called pinkilinks. We are not like humans when it comes to food variety. Grass to us is what water is to humans. Water keeps earth people alive and grass keeps us alive. Its strange yes, but when you are from where we are, grass is an essential. I would love to talk longer with you but my moria is telling me to say goodbye. I was thrilled to tell you about me species, now tell other human beings about me!


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