Series Page - Essays in Apologetics et al.

Hannah D. // 1/29/2018

Introductory Apologetics Essays
How We Evolve
The Theory of Evolution (common descent evolution).

Christianity vs. The World: Episodes of Compromise
Historical interpretations of the Bible, with some science (dating methods, millions of years) thrown in.

Common Misconceptions of Evolution vs. Creation[ism]
Could be revised for tone, but goes over mainly hermeneutics.

Quick Facts to Help you Stand Strong in Secular Science Courses
A list of science facts, experiments, and current creation models.

A Star is Born
The Big Bang.

Topics Pertaining to Christianity & Womanhood
The Delicate Balance of Biblical Womanhood
What is the godly woman's ultimate goal? The same as any godly man's: to imitate Jesus.

Why Christians Care So Much About Defending Traditional Marriage
The Christian view of marriage.

Is It Demeaning to be a "Helper?"
A look at the word "helper" in Scripture as it pertains to womanhood et al.

The REAL Fountain of Youth: Our Product Has Women Everywhere Saying "Wow!" and "Hallelujah!"
The eternal question of What Is Beauty?. Also, in case the title didn't tip you off, this is meant to be a joke.

Modesty as Worship

Adventures in Homeschooling, and Why it Matters
My personal homeschooling "testimony."

Girls and Stereotypes
Another benefit of homeschooling. On cultural stereotypes affecting our view of ourselves.

Multiple Intelligences & a Liberal Education
Why learning should include a great deal of breadth, or, another apologetic of homeschooling. :P

Exams, and Other Methods of Evaluation
Why focusing on exams isn't ideal. And, you guessed it, another reason why homeschooling rocks.

On Writing: Medium and Style
Do media of writing affect how we write? And, surprisingly, not much to be applied to homeschooling here.

Follow Your Heart: Hindu and Christian Texts Speak Out Against Popular Mantra
Philosophy of Religion. Compares and contrasts the Hindu Brahman with the Christian God.

Fine Tuning, Multiverses, and the Gambler's Fallacy
Metaphysics. And a tad bit of statistics. Takes a look at the "fine-tuning" argument and the Multiverse Theory that's supposed to be a response to it.

Art and Christianity
Aesthetics. Summarizes Francis Schaeffer's philosophy of a Christian view on art.

How Can God Be Good?
Ethics. Addresses a couple common ethical arguments against monotheism.

A Stone So Big
Epistemology. I think. Basically, how do we know that science and logic works?

Covers the philosophy of relativism as it pertains to metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics.

Faith vs. Reason
Philosophy of Science. Epistemology. Can science prove God exists? Does science work without God?

Historical Science
Philosophy of Science. Considers uniformitarianism and naturalism as philosophies behind the scientific paradigms of the Big Bang, common-descent evolution, and millions of years.


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