The Holt Children and the Hidden Treasure: Book One (Chapter 6; Pams Dream)

Fiction By Aredhel Írissë // 12/24/2013

Chapter 6


That night, as Pam lay asleep in bed, she had a dream. She dreamed that she was standing in front of the man who had been reading the stolen newspaper. He was sitting on the same bench, reading the same newspaper. All of a sudden, the person changed. This time it was Mr. Clark. He sat on the bench, reading the newspaper. Then, all of a sudden, his beard fell off. He looked like the man she had seen reading the papers that day.

Pam awoke with a start. She was in her bed, and it was still dark outside. She tried to go back to sleep, but wasn't tired. She sat up in bed and put her chin on her knees and thought about the mystery. How would Mr. Clark look without a beard? Perhaps Mr. Clark only wore a fake beard to throw them off his track. But what a crazy thing to think that all because of one silly dream. Yet, maybe it


been him sitting on the bench. Maybe that was why he had looked so surprised when he had seen Joe and her! As Pam sat there, the puzzle pieces seemed to be fitting in place, slowly but surely. But that didn't explain what he was doing in Germany. If he wanted to find the gold, then what was he doing in Germany? Pam's mind was working so hard that she became tired, and before she knew it, she had fallen asleep and was being awakened by Betty.

“Mom says we can go down and eat,” she said.

Pam dressed and walked into the hallway. She tapped on Joe's and Ronnie's door. “Who's there?” She heard Joe call.

“It's me, Pam.”

“Come in, Pam.” When Pam walked in, Ronnie wasn't in the room. She explained her dream to Joe and asked what he though of it. For a moment he looked thoughtful before replying, “I don't know, Pam. I mean, after all, it


just a dream, but on the other hand, it may be a great idea that you had. If the man we saw yesterday is Mr. Clark, then that explains why he looked so shocked when he saw us. Because he knew us. I just wish I knew.”

Pam shrugged and they walked downstairs. Pam told her parents of her suspicion, and they, too, agreed that she might have something there.
“Why don't we report the newspaper theft to the police?” Pam asked.

"Oh!" Mrs. Holt said. "Why, it's only a newspaper! The Police wouldn't care to be bothered about a thing like that, dear. I'm sorry."

"Oh, but mother! They could be valuable! And it wouldn't hurt just to try."

"She does have a point there," Mr. Holt said. "They could turn out to be helpful."

“Yes! May Joe and I do that after breakfast? There may be more to Mr. Clark than just stealing newspapers, you know.”

“Well, if you three really think something good may come of it, then I don't see why not,” Mrs. Holt said smiling.

"Oh, thank you, mother!" Pam said.

After Joe and Pam were finished eating, they hurriedly excused themselves and picking up a phone book they found where the Police Headquarters were located and hurried off. When they arrived at the Police Headquarters, the first person they saw was a young policeman. Joe introduced himself and Pam, and the police officer said that he was Officer Burnstein. Pam explained about the newspapers and Mr. Clark, also saying that she was sure Mr. Clark was after the lost gold.

“Hm,” the police officer said. “I'll tell you what. Give me a description of this man.”

Pam explained about the beard, which she thought to be a fake, and the tattoo. “Could you please phone us if you catch him?” She asked.

“Just give me your phone number. But mind you, we can't put him under arrest with no evidence, and even if all he did was steal a newspaper, but we can always take him in for questioning. Got it?”

“Yes sir,” Pam said, scribbling down their phone number. The brother and sister thanked the policeman and then started back for their hotel.

A few hours later, Pam sat talking with Joe in his room when Mrs. Holt said that there was a call from a police officer for Pam.
“Oh!” She said, excitedly jumping up from her chair. She ran into her parents room, with Joe on her heels. “Hello?...Oh, you did?....Well, yes, I think I can. Thanks so much!...Goodbye!” She hung up. “Mother, that was Officer Burnstein! They found who they believe to be Mr. Clark, and they asked if Joe and I could go over and identify him. May we please?”

Mrs. Holt had scarcely given her consent when the two dashed down the stairs and out the door. Upon arriving at the police station, they saw Mr. Burnstein. The man was sitting in a chair. “That's Mr. Clark, alright!” They both said when they saw him. Mr. Clark scowled.

“We found these in his pockets,” Mr. Burnstein said, taking out from a drawer in his desk a newspaper.

Pam took it and glanced at it. “This is it! This is the stolen newspaper!”

“And one more thing,” Mr. Burnstein said. “This may be of some interest to you.” He handed Pam piece of paper, browned by the sun.

“Oh, goodness gracious!” She said after looking at it for a moment.

“What is it?” Joe asked, looking over her shoulder. It appeared to be a note. “

Dear Simon, I just wanted to tell you that we escaped from prison. We are now in Germany, and we're going to hide the stolen gold in Frankfurt.


Joe and Pam stared in amazement. So that was why Mr. Clark was in Germany! Because the stolen treasure was, too! “Is this evidence against Mr. Clark? Can you arrest him?” Joe asked.

Mr. Burnstein wagged his head back and forth. “I'm sorry,” he said, “but we would need more evidence. We don't know that he's trying to find the treasure and keep it for himself.”

“But he stole a newspaper from us, and he has that note! That has to prove that he's looking for the stolen treasure!”

Without a word, Mr. Burnstein walked around his desk and over to Mr. Clark. Joe and Pam were puzzled. He put his hand on Mr. Clarks beard and pulled. It came right off in his hand! “Just as you guessed,” he said, looking in Pam's direction. “I'll tell you what. We'll hold him right here until we have proof that he's innocent. If he found that gold and no one knew it, then that would sort of be the same as him having stolen it himself.”

“Oh, hurray!” Pam nearly shouted with glee. Now perhaps they could solve everything in peace without Mr. Clark bothering them.
But now began the questioning. “Is there anyone working with you to help you find the gold?” Mr. Burnstein queried.

Mr. Clark said nothing.

“Is there anyone working with you?” Mr. Burnstein asked in a louder, harsh tone.

“I have nothing to do with what you think I do.”

“Then why were the stolen newspapers in your pocket?”

Still Mr. Clark refused to answer. Finally Mr. Burnstein gave up. He told the guards to take him away. “No luck at all,” he muttered in disgust.

Joe asked if they might take the note along with them, and Mr. Burnstein said that they could borrow it, but they must bring it back when they were done with it. Joe and Pam thanked him and walked back to their hotel. “Mother! Daddy!” Pam called. “We've got a great clue!” Her parents and Ronnie and Betty came out of their room. Excitedly Pam told about what had happened.

"That is the weirdest thing that ever happened to me," Pam grinned. "A dream that turned out to be true!"

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