A New Perspective

A Poem By Hannah W. // 9/10/2008

The world looks different suddenly,
and quite a world it is
the house looks like a different realm
the sky's a great green frizz

I'm not alone here,
but I can't quite see the others,
at least I've found a quiet place,
far away from brothers

there they are! they're coming now,
dashing round the bend,
I see a little gnat creature,
perhaps he'll be my friend?

and in the house, all about,
gnomes and spiders dance,
the webs and dust come flutter down--
or up? I have to ask

If only I could reach this world--
I now stretch out my hand
but then I go on slipping, falling
with a thud! I land.

up is down and down is up,
a smile beats a frown,
things sure look different, I know,
when I'm upside-down


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