Chasing Liberty

A Poem By Hannah W. // 12/22/2009

**Inspired by another dream I had, about two years ago... I never forgot it. It needed to be written down, in some form...**


Her name is Liberty; she runs
across the rainy streets, she does
and through the puddles, past the cars--
in her eyes you'd see the stars,
and her name is Liberty.

She holds a piece of the sky; it glistens
like cold water on the blacktop, she wishes
and beyond the walls and streets, past gates--
there must be, somewhere, a place
and its name is Liberty.

The streets are slick and wet; she dashes
just behind a car with lights, it flashes
and through the roads and alleys, past homes--
they snatch her and she is no more to roam,
that gypsy Liberty.

Past the gates, indeed; they take her
in and out of pines, they try to shake her
and then down into a place, her new home, they say--
They want to take her namesake away,
to capture Liberty.

The first few weeks in misery; they plod
and the paths she walks, many others have trod
and beyond the fences and the tracks, she knows--
there is a place that she wants to go,
and its name is Liberty.

Those who took her here; they crush
her spirits down and try to hush
her heart that is longing to be free--
somewhere, somewhere, she knows there be
a place where there is Liberty.

Harsher work she must endure; she does
with help of fresh air and mourning doves
and she meets and old man who lives in a hut--
with a grassy roof and a kindly heart
and he calls her Liberty.

Tomatoes, apples, fresh fruits; he gives
and through his generous gifts she lives
and secretly, to ask his help--
she knows it cannot be done just herself,
this wishful Liberty.

Others here are weary; she explains
to them her plan for grand escape
together, all of them will flee--
in search of new lands, brave and free;
they look for hope from Liberty. 

One early morning, slow; it dawns
she hurries them, she pushes on
toward the grassy hut beside the road--
the man owns a truck, and so
has agreed to help free Liberty.

Twenty-five girls and boys; they fit
and the rest will run in back of it,
but she stays behind a moment more--
making sure all are out the door,
that fearless Liberty.

But up the hill, the captors; they wake
and she must now make her great escape
she runs and runs and they give chase--
and catch her friend, whose loyalty gave
a second more for Liberty.

Heart soaring, heart beating; she runs
across dirt train tracks, she does
and through weeds, past rocks--
nevermore away will she be locked,
and her name is Liberty.





Nice job, Hannah! This was soooo well written! I loved it!

Elizabeth | Tue, 12/22/2009


The Holy Spirit is the quiet guest of our soul." -St. Augustine

What about the girl who gave

What about the girl who gave herself up so Liberty could get away?

Bridget | Wed, 12/23/2009

"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question." - Harun Yahya


oops. I kind of forgot about her... I think maybe she died in the dream, but I can't remember that part very well. Hmm. :/

Hannah W. | Wed, 12/23/2009

I really enjoyed this! I love

I really enjoyed this! I love your poems!

Maethorwen (not verified) | Wed, 12/23/2009

Everything is

Everything is perfect! I loved this, Hannah!

Erin | Thu, 12/24/2009

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


...this is wonderful.......amazing..........

Bernadette | Sun, 12/27/2009


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