A Poem By Hannah W. // 12/17/2008

‘Shadows crisscross, streets do too
Like delicate web interwoven
Around these young and searching two
The pattern it does show them.

And like a forest’s trees the stone
Rises up and skyward
Through the night the day has glowed
With the rising sun’s orange fire

From where the bell’s last echo fades
Time clicks and ticks and runs away
And there the little beggar’s gone
The sweet and lovely morning: Dawn’

*Note: this poem was actually meant to be a ridle for the characters in the story I'm writing... but I like dit enough to put it here. ;)*



I really liked it (DUH!). I don't think it's your very best, but still amazing! =D

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E | Sat, 12/20/2008

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I love this! it is so creative. :)

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Bernadette | Sun, 12/21/2008

Hannah, that's gorgeous! You

Hannah, that's gorgeous! You should really get a book of poetry published. I'd buy it. :D
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Sarah | Mon, 12/22/2008

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